Why I Like Dirty Rap (comes with videos!)

Hello. My name is Morgan. I’m addicted to profane rap and I know all the words. Really. It’s true. This is the last thing most people save for my very close friends expect of me, and I think that is HI-LARIOUS.

However, I do have standards for my profane rap. I try to be a conscious consumer. When I say profane, I mean it swears a lot and it isn’t going to shy away from mentioning sexuality, sometimes in very empowering and/or detailed ways. Not that it is actually really offensive to groups of people. That ain’t cool.

I like a lot of lady rappers who do not give A FLYING F what people think of them, which means their rap isn’t usually offensive to women or misogynistic and instead normalizes women’s sexuality and power and explores greater issues while using the words “titties” and “dick” a lot. The guy rappers I like tend to avoid the whole mysoginy thing, too. None of that “Up in da club yo ass the only thing I notice about you wiggle wiggle wiggle,” stuff.

I think I like it so much because the artists aren’t afraid to make people to deal with things that I consider very bogus taboos, like sexuality and swearing and being yourself shamelessly even if others don’t like it. And I love it that women rap about it because it’s empowering and I love challenging stupid gender norms. I also think I find female rappers so appealing because I’m not yet at the point where I’m not afraid to be myself (hell, I don’t even know who that is even), and it’s really nice to see these people doing just that.

Obviously, not every song I listen to is perfect. Sometimes there are sentiments I don’t agree with, a LOT of references to drinking and drugs, which I don’t necessarily relate to or promote, but the messages that I’ve talked about above speak to me more than those things. Here are some of my favorite artists right now and a little synopsis of their work.

George Watsky: Probably the most mild of the crew. He is amazing. He raps so fast, swears a lot, but is intelligent and speaks to larger issues in some of his songs. Other songs are literally about getting high and eating Chinese Food. Ps- I saw him in concert which is one step closer to marriage…so…

Brooke Candy: OHHHH How I love Brooke Candy. She does what she wants and she wants other people to do the same. Her songs are usually pretty sexual, and most are variations on the theme “I am woman and I own my sexuality and also lots of blunts so roll it up.” She was kicked out of her house for being gay, and she and her creative friends (all also gay) formed FAGMOB in an attempt to take back the offensive slang term. She also wants to take back the word slut (“It’s time to take the word back, slut is now a compliment/ A sexy ass female who runnin’ shit and confident” YASSS BROOKE CANDY YASS), which you can hear in the first song I heard of hers (and still LOVE) below:

Die Antwoord: Freaky. Weird. Their music videos are kind of gross, so be warned. You may hate them at first, but try to listen to a couple of songs. That’s what happened to me, and now I’m hooked. They have a VERY unique sound, and their rap is in a mix of Afrikaans and English. These guys are probably the edgiest of the crew, especially depending on what song you listen to  (“Girl I Want 2 Eat U”, for example, is actually a little too much for even me.), but I have mad respect for them and Fatty Boom Boom is my JAM. I’m actually going to just include an audio video because I love you and I want you to be emotionally safe. You can go watch the official video if you’re feeling brave and have a strong stomach.

Sooo yeah, that’s my weird music.  And a lot of people totally hate it (my poor family), and I GET that.  But the message “Hey, everyone be yourself and challenge a norm!” is still valid, even if the medium through which it is expressed isn’t someone’s cup of tea. And at the very least, I think this is excellent cleaning/working out music.

Plus if it counts for anything, I also love Jason Mraz and Jack Johnson. Seriously. I don’t understand it either. What is this.




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I am so excited because, as you may know, as of today SAME SEX MARRIAGE IS LEGAL IN EVERY STATE IN THE USA!!! Today I really am actually proud to be an American despite our flaws, and so happy about the direction we are moving, not only in this country, but in the whole freakin’ world. Things are looking up and it is so, so AWESOME. Today is a day that was basically unfathomable even ten years ago, and now it’s happening. IT IS HAPPENING. Sure, there will still be people who disagree, but the law is on the LGBTQA+ side, regardless of their opinion. AND I LOVE IT. Congrats to the many beautiful couples that can now tie the knot wherever the heck they feel like it!!!

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Motivation vs. Momentum Because Things are Hard to Do and Maybe This Will Help

I don't want to do things


Yes friends, as I’m sure we’ve all figured out, life consists of doing a lot of things we don’t really want to do. Bills, cleaning, getting up before two p.m (just me?), exercising, trying to spell exercising right…the list is infinite. Recently, I stumbled across this article that talked about Motivation vs. Momentum with regards to getting things done. It has changed my life a little bit, so I thought I’d share it with you guys because who doesn’t need motivation? Let us make a list:

Who Does Not Need Motivation:

The Indominus Rex dinosaur hybrid.

Donald Trump (but please, dear God, someone take it from him).

Sorry…can’t resist a pun.


Mere mortals are not on that list.

Basically, what I got out of the article is that you don’t need motivation to get something done, you need momentum. That is, you don’t need to feel like doing something to begin doing it, you need to take the first small action towards doing that something and usually motivation will follow. At first I was like “Yeah, okay, internet. Last time I took advice from you I melted hot crayons onto my fingers while trying to make art. And it SUCKED.”

And then I remembered this poster on the wall of the locker room at my school, and the only thing I ever got out of the athletic department. It read (something like this because I didn’t spend a lot of time in the locker room): “If you only do things on the days you feel like doing them, you will get nothing done.” Also this quote is over my bed:



So I tried it. With college approaching and crazy weird financial crap hitting the proverbial fan and a job…there are a lot of things that need doing that I don’t want to do. Even writing this post has been on my to-do list for a week and I just sat down to write it (after looking at a Buzzfeed article about potato emojis–they are a real life thing! Why did no one tell me sooner?!). I do not claim to be good at this. Only getting better.

Anyway, there I sat with my stupid to do list that I hate/love because it actually does keep me on track but fills me with anxiety, and I picked an item.  Move.

Move is what I call exercise on my to-do list, not only because I really, really hate spelling that word, but because move elicits a more positive response for me. And then I sat there and was all “Noooo, whyyyy, nooooo.” And then I sucked it up and took the first step towards my goal. I put on my exercising (how is that word possibly worse?!) clothes. Still no great wind of inspiration coming to me. And I felt like this little guy.

images (34)


So I took another little baby step and grabbed my weights. It worked. Of course I was not suddenly thrilled to move, but I was less pouty about it. I already had my clothes on, already had the weights, let’s put on some dirty rap and DO THIS. And then I really did enjoy myself. But this may be because dirty rap genuinely improves most tasks for me. More on that later.

But I’ve been doing it with other little things on my to do list, too, like sending emails to intimidating people which really scares me (just type the subject and the first sentence) and cleaning (set a timer for five minutes and you probably will not stop after five minutes), and it’s helped a lot. This is sometimes no longer my day!

download (34)


I find this also works with things I want to do, but don’t always give myself time for. For example, I’ve had little to no time for reading books I wanted to read this year, and so now when I want to read my mind goes NO! Think of all these other productive things you could be doing! You don’t deserve to read yet! GO CURE HUNGER AND THEN MAYBE YOU CAN READ. So I tell my brain to kindly STFU, sit down and read five pages. Just five pages. And usually it turns into 50.

So next time you really don’t want to do something, try easing into it with baby steps and see if motivation comes to you. But also remember that there are days when you really won’t feel like doing anything/Gandalf is messing with you again. Even the baby steps won’t help. And that’s okay. You have a ton of stuff going on, and sometimes people need a day off! Burnout is a real thing, people. Take care of yoself.

images (35)
Pro tip: Always blame a wizard when you can.


Welp, I hope this post has helped you accomplish some goal at some point in the near future! If not, I do hope you enjoyed the pictures.



Back from the Underworld!


Because I’m sort of Persephone when it comes to blogging. Stuck with Hades in the winter, back to spread flowers and green things (or at least pictures of them) in the warmer months. Damn pomegranates.

Okay, not really, but the Underworld is a better story than (or perhaps metaphor for) school and a senior Capstone and trying to write a novel and graduation, right? Right. We’ll stick with the Underworld thing. Plus I’m a mythology nerd and will make allusions to it whenever possible.

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Yay! It’s finally summer! I finally have time to blog! I do this post every year and then am only consistent with blogging for about a month! Sigh…I will try to be better this year. I have a running list of post ideas (and am open to suggestions! Suggest things!) and I put it as a goal in my official goal notebook of success. Admittedly, this is a very new notebook and this is the first year I’ve used it, but I’m feeling good about it. And *~*~attitude is everything!*~*~(Yeah. I write motivational posters. Who’s asking?)

So, hello friends! If you read my blog before I became a slave to the educational system left to chill with my husband Hades for a few months, welcome back! I missed you! And if you’re new, I also welcome you. I hope you’re not allergic to cats (but if you are then the internet is the perfect medium to experience them, and experience them you shall). Take your shoes off if you want to, we’re not fancy around here. Exhibit A: Our official welcome mat.



Pomegranates and goal-setting,


A Photo Homage to (Some of) the Worst Pop Lyrics Ever Written


And if by ham sammich you mean “As far away from me as you can get”, I’m on it JD.

Not that I like to present myself as a raging feminist or a ‘Boo-Mainstream Music’ hipster, but sometimes one needs to sacrifice one’s dignity for the greater good. The greater good being, in this case, hopefully, making you guys laugh/ponder what these catchy songs on the radio are *actually* saying. Or maybe just wonder “How much freetime does this chick *really* have?” Some of the lyrics I’m about to present to you are offensive, so fasten your seat belts kids. Prepare for misogyny, stupidity, and foul language. Also please don’t pick at the gum under your seats. And no kicking the seat of the person in front of you (you know who you are.)


Move far, far away from people who write these songs, right? Great! Thanks for the tip!

(Wiggle, Jason Derulo ft. Snoopdog)




What if I back my car into you? Is that the same sort of thing?

(Blurred Lines, Robin Thicke ft. Pharell and topless women.)




This one is just plain stupid. (So sorry if you’re someone who can appreciate the subtleties and genius in Kanye’s music, but I just can’t ride that boat with you. Thanks for letting me finish.)

(I’m In It, Kanye West)



NAILED IT SO HARD. Wait, wait, gurrrrrl where you goin’? STUPID HOE? IS THAT BETTER??  *sulks*

(Sexy Bitch, David Guetta ft. Akon and misogyny)


(So Yesterday, Hillary Duff)


Actually not a bad analogy, just a weird one, and one that makes me, a die hard cake advocate, very, very sad.

(MacArthur Park, Jimmy Web)


OMG I ~*love*~ cute pet names! Can I call you No Decency? ❤

(Birthday Song, 2 Chainz)

And finally, my favorite one:



(Dance Ass, Big Sean ft. Nicki Minaj)


I’ll leave it at that.

Breakin’ Out the Camera



Literally will never get enough of space overlays. Ever. Haters to the left.

Anyway, I got an iPod for Christmas last year, and, as I had predicted, I’ve barely used my actual camera since then. Womp womp. It’s just so much easier to whip out a 3×5 inch device and tap it with your finger…but also so much less satisfying. There’s something special about taking photos with a camera, something deliberate and intimate that you don’t get with iPod photography. And popping that SD card in and editing the photos one by one, tweaking certain factors until they’re just right makes me so much happier than slapping on an InstaFilter and calling it a day.

Not that I’m dissing the iPod and its wonderful photo abilities. It’s awesome and portable and I would have missed a LOT of photo ops these past few months had I not had mine. But I’ve really missed my camera.

Well, today I got all inspired and found some gold paint ( the stuff on my lips), and for lack of anyone else wanting to model for my weird people photos I think up, took pictures of myself. Because I had no one else to take a picture of, not because I’m narcissistic. Usually. Ah well. This is a selfie vs. self portrait thing. Could go on for days.
Anyway, here’s the hopeful beginning of some using-the-real-camera type of photography that I’d love to get into more this summer. Here’s a peek at what happens when this chick gets bored and has a camera. Editing courtesy of Pixlr.





Oh, and pro tip? Don’t put gold craft paint on your lips. Use eyeshadow or something. That stuff hurts.

But then again, what is art without pain? (Eye contact with camera, artistic fade out to mood music…)

And scene.

Have you noticed you don’t use your camera as much because of more convenient methods? Or is that just a me thing?

❤ Morgan


Summer Days…


I mentioned in my last post that I’m trying to get outside a lot more, and I wanted to share with you (and okay maybe brag a little) how purty my corner of the world is this time of year. I think it’s gonna be a good summer.



I ❤ Trees. I’m slowly becoming the “hippie” friend. AND I AM PROUD OF IT.


Literally a corner, during my favorite time of day: sunset. I’m so glad it happens every 24 hours.


Aggghhhh soooo prettyyyyyyy. And these sumac trees look almost tropical in this light. I love it!


This is a memento of an uncharacteristically ambitious 9 AM walk I took the other day. Dat exercise tho.



The hiiiiilllls are aliiiiiiive with the sound of wind and sometimes geese on the river.


At first glance this stagnant pondle (too small for a pond, too big for a puddle) is super gross. Ratchet as the youths say (am I using that right?) But there is so much life teeming on and below the surface. Sure, it is kind of icky life, like bug larvae and stuff, but still so amazing. I was watching twigs move and I couldn’t figure it out until a little fishy bug thing swam out and I was like WOAH! YOU WERE HIDING YOU TRICKSTER.  And then angry bug mommas started dive bombing me and I got the heck outta there.


There were at least 20 (20!) of these gorgeous butterflies hanging out on the mud before I accidentally scared them away because I’m a dumb clumsy human who doesn’t fly like poetry in motion. 😦 #sad. These were the brave ones that were all like “No. We’re gonna show this punk who owns this turf. SPOILER ALERT ITS US BEETCHESSSS. *flap flap flutter flap*



And some branches with the sun overhead. Super pretty.

So yeahhhhhh I’m so glad it’s summer and am almost already dreading winter again, but refuse to let it rule my entire year with fear (just half of it. Luv u New England).
How’s summer in your corner of the world?
❤ Morgan