A Photo Homage to (Some of) the Worst Pop Lyrics Ever Written


And if by ham sammich you mean “As far away from me as you can get”, I’m on it JD.

Not that I like to present myself as a raging feminist or a ‘Boo-Mainstream Music’ hipster, but sometimes one needs to sacrifice one’s dignity for the greater good. The greater good being, in this case, hopefully, making you guys laugh/ponder what these catchy songs on the radio are *actually* saying. Or maybe just wonder “How much freetime does this chick *really* have?” Some of the lyrics I’m about to present to you are offensive, so fasten your seat belts kids. Prepare for misogyny, stupidity, and foul language. Also please don’t pick at the gum under your seats. And no kicking the seat of the person in front of you (you know who you are.)


Move far, far away from people who write these songs, right? Great! Thanks for the tip!

(Wiggle, Jason Derulo ft. Snoopdog)




What if I back my car into you? Is that the same sort of thing?

(Blurred Lines, Robin Thicke ft. Pharell and topless women.)




This one is just plain stupid. (So sorry if you’re someone who can appreciate the subtleties and genius in Kanye’s music, but I just can’t ride that boat with you. Thanks for letting me finish.)

(I’m In It, Kanye West)



NAILED IT SO HARD. Wait, wait, gurrrrrl where you goin’? STUPID HOE? IS THAT BETTER??  *sulks*

(Sexy Bitch, David Guetta ft. Akon and misogyny)


(So Yesterday, Hillary Duff)


Actually not a bad analogy, just a weird one, and one that makes me, a die hard cake advocate, very, very sad.

(MacArthur Park, Jimmy Web)


OMG I ~*love*~ cute pet names! Can I call you No Decency? ❤

(Birthday Song, 2 Chainz)

And finally, my favorite one:



(Dance Ass, Big Sean ft. Nicki Minaj)


I’ll leave it at that.


Here’s a Photo




As of late, I’ve been trying to get back into photography, since I sort of let any part of my life that wasn’t school slip during the past year. I know, I know, I need to work on balance. I should do yoga.


Hahahahaha. I can’t do yoga.


Anyway, here’s  a photo I took of the moon a few weeks ago, and I would like to share it with you in my new feature, Here’s a Photo. It’s a pretty original title. Because…oh, I’ll let you figure it out.


I hope you all had a wonderful Wednesday! Two more days till the WEEEKENDDDD.


The Meadow



Here’s a quick photo tour of the meadow behind my house…During the summer it’s absolutely gorgeous, and sometimes the grass gets to be 7 feet tall and deer hide among dew covered buttercups and the whole thing is essentially a poem in motion. I was stupid and went barefoot the other day, forgetting about all of the SUPER sharp nettles that call the meadow home, so I couldn’t spend as much time wandering as I wanted to, but I did manage to get quite a few pictures. Some of them are of the woods leading to the meadow, but it’s just as magical there. Despite the nettles, this is a very special place to me, and I hope you all can enjoy it through the internets.



DSCN1043 DSCN1071 DSCN1075 DSCN1077 DSCN1088 




Do you have any special places?


Moar Flowerz.


Still can’t stop buying flowers! Here are some more pictures for your enjoyment.


These are quite possibly my current favorite.


MINI CACTUS JR.! How cute. And spiny.

IMG_5350 IMG_5355 IMG_5387 IMG_5378

Our haul. Nooo we’re not flower hoarders. Nope. Nooooo.

IMG_5343 IMG_5323 IMG_5331

This flower is so cute. It’s like a flattened out poppy.


My cactus! I need a good name for him though. Suggestions welcome.


And, of course, it’s not a garden until you’ve planted Fluffy Ruffles.



That’s not all of the pictures, so stay tuned for my next post about how to make kick-butt hanging baskets for more!!

Any fun in the garden lately? Or are you less of an outdoorsy person? It’s okay. We can still be friends!!


Breakin’ Out the Camera



Literally will never get enough of space overlays. Ever. Haters to the left.

Anyway, I got an iPod for Christmas last year, and, as I had predicted, I’ve barely used my actual camera since then. Womp womp. It’s just so much easier to whip out a 3×5 inch device and tap it with your finger…but also so much less satisfying. There’s something special about taking photos with a camera, something deliberate and intimate that you don’t get with iPod photography. And popping that SD card in and editing the photos one by one, tweaking certain factors until they’re just right makes me so much happier than slapping on an InstaFilter and calling it a day.

Not that I’m dissing the iPod and its wonderful photo abilities. It’s awesome and portable and I would have missed a LOT of photo ops these past few months had I not had mine. But I’ve really missed my camera.

Well, today I got all inspired and found some gold paint ( the stuff on my lips), and for lack of anyone else wanting to model for my weird people photos I think up, took pictures of myself. Because I had no one else to take a picture of, not because I’m narcissistic. Usually. Ah well. This is a selfie vs. self portrait thing. Could go on for days.
Anyway, here’s the hopeful beginning of some using-the-real-camera type of photography that I’d love to get into more this summer. Here’s a peek at what happens when this chick gets bored and has a camera. Editing courtesy of Pixlr.





Oh, and pro tip? Don’t put gold craft paint on your lips. Use eyeshadow or something. That stuff hurts.

But then again, what is art without pain? (Eye contact with camera, artistic fade out to mood music…)

And scene.

Have you noticed you don’t use your camera as much because of more convenient methods? Or is that just a me thing?

❤ Morgan


Conquering Monday Vol 6.




Alternate title:  I got 99 problems but not enough photos of trees and stuff isn’t one of ’em. So yesterday I went for another one of those evening walks to a place by the river that I find perfect for thinking. On the way, I couldn’t help but take some photos, and I thought I’d share with you lovely readers on this week’s Conquering Monday. Enjoy!



Please pardon my muddy shoes…




The dew drops just after the rain were so beautiful on everything, almost like little diamonds.







The view from my favorite sitty spot. Sometimes I sit on those rocks out there, but I decided not to yesterday. I didn’t feel like getting my butt wet, which sometimes happens.





I hope you all have a fabulous start to your weeks! Anything fun/out of the ordinary planned?

❤ Morgan

Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop, Goin’ to the Flower Shops


I went to a greenhouse again. Here are some more photos. Again. I sure hope you guys aren’t sick of flowers yet…because I’m not! (And if you’re not, might I suggest clicking here and here?)


This greenhouse had the most gorgeous hanging baskets. I never would have thought Portulaca would be a hanging basket sort of flower, but would ya look at that?




Also the most gorgeous window boxes. So much color, and somehow still poifect.



I took this guy home!


I almost bought one of these, and definitely might next time. I forget what they’re called but they are amazing.



Baby pepper! SO CUTE. #plantbabies

IMG_4895 IMG_4899


IMG_4898  IMG_4885 IMG_4876

I am super obsessed with Dahlias.

IMG_4882 IMG_4889 IMG_4900

Half baskets for trees!

IMG_4908 IMG_4907

Does this tiny garden make your heart melt? You’re not alone.  Succulove.


I want an indoor cactus garden very badly, but I know that I’d end up full of needles and so would the felines. So…I’ll just dream for now. It’s safer for everybody…


These conical baskets are the coolest.


It’s like a minimalist mod Hibiscus.


Succulent lovers, plant your heart out.

IMG_4875 IMG_4911

So it’s no secret that greenhouses are my Wonderland. Imagine how fun it would be to work at one! Just being around flowers all day, maybe planting some baskets using your never-ending supply of blooms…that’s the life.

It’s raining today, so, oh darn I can’t push mow my entire lawn (and two hills…), but we might be finishing up the veggie garden soon. Also, the rainy weather means a bit of a delay on the DIY lawn and garden decor, but when it comes it’s gonna be awesome! (Or a wicked hilarious failure. You’ll know either way.)

I hope these blooms brightened your day a leeeeetle bit (or a lot bit. That would be cool.), but if not, just remember…

Two days till Friday! Have a great day 🙂

❤ Morgan