Holy Shed

shed 0

This post could inspire you to get that huge cleaning project out of the way. The before an after could shock you. But mostly you’ll enjoy the stickers I added to the pictures because you deserve something fun to look at. Read on for a shed-organizing-shenanigan!


Now open your eyes…that was the power of Febreeze!! JK, not even Febreeze could mask the scent of a place where feral cats lived for a winter. As usual, I missed Spring cleaning, so now I’m doing Summer Cleaning Extravaganzas. Now, this is a little embarrassing, for me and the zombie, because this shed was an actual Portal To The Underworld for months. It was so gross. And finally, I got sick of it, so I single handedly in one day cleaned out the whole thing. This is amazing because I’m the laziest person ever, and I feel like you and I are close enough that hopefully you won’t judge me too badly for this horrid mess.

Shed 2

So it started out like the mess above, and then I completely emptied it out, swept a black bag full of debris from the floor, and left it looking like this:




And left the yard looking like this.


Then I started reloading after I sorted through all the trash (the big pile to the left). At this point, I had everything in but the kitchen sink, and took a photo to demonstrate this hi-larious occurence.




And then it was organized! It still looks shabby because everything in it is dirty and old, but it’s SUCH an improvement. Then I repurposed some old license plates as cheeky wall art. It says I know this place is a mess and will never look beautiful, but here’s the kind of ridiculous art you could expect if it were put together. Haha fancy people I’m mocking you. Or something like that. I think a lot of it was lost in translation




Even June was impressed!

Shed 3

This is my new friend Jarvis. He’s kind of an evasive d-bag, but oh well.

shed 8


The most organized wall in the place.

Well, that was my big project for Sunday. And I promise you, if I can do that, you can do whatever project has been hanging over your head, too. Think of how great you’ll feel when it’s done! You can treat yourself to ice cream!

Off to do more planting because we can’t stop buying plants! Have a great day!!

❤ Morgan


Adventures in ̶H̶E̶L̶L̶ Closet Overhauling




This is a story of hope, perseverance, and success. Grab your tissues.

Yes. It is real. My Black Hole of a closet has been transformed into a sunny and styled place for clothes (!!!). I’m sure some of you have been the owners of a closet that has more closely resembled a portal to the underworld than somewhere nice  to hang your clothes. Or at least I hope you have because I’ve been telling myself I’m not alone…I just threw EVERYTHING in my closet and went in and out as quickly as humanly possible to get my clothes. It’s scientifically proven that if you don’t spend much time looking at a mess, it doesn’t exist…NOT. I can’t remember how long it was like that, but it was ridiculous. I eventually had enough of it, and thus begins the journey I am here to tell you about today.

It happened over the course of a few months…first I cleaned that sucker out and went through my clothes VERY meticulously. There would not be anything in there I did not wear on a regular basis. There were piles of closet vomit  all over my room for about a week while I went through everything and threw out/gave away over half of my clothing. It was crazy. It went from the left hand mess to this:


Not too shabby, but there were still clothes in there I never wore, and somewhere along the line I got in in my head that yellow chevron would be cool to try in my closet.  I had all the paint I needed from a previous banana-yellow-explosion kitchen adventure, it was a small space, and how hard could chevron be really? 

REALLY HARD. And REALLY TEDIOUS. Especially if you’re impatient like me,  and unwilling to follow the nice guides that Better Homes and Gardens kindly posts on their site for you to use. Pshhhh, you say to yourself, I can do that $#!&  freehand! Move over Martha Stewart! Last weekend, I figured, would be a super time to start this little project, and once again, my room was filled with piles of closet vomit


Then, I painted over the blue and green with not one, not two, but THREE coats of white paint. I used almost all I had, and boy was I not prepared to slap three coats on those walls. I thought I could be done with that in an hour. HAHAH. Silly me.

Three hours later…


By this point, I was beginning to regret my decision to get this done in two days. Now my closet looked boring, I couldn’t just leave it like that. Plus, my clothes were all over my bed, and by Zeus’s beard, I was going to get them back in that closet TONIGHT.
HAHAHA again! I grabbed a ruler and tried to evenly space points and lines in a zigzag format on the walls, but it turned out to be completely unnecessary because it wasn’t going to be perfect chevron anyway. Really all it accomplished was smudging my white walls with graphite. With the promise of at least another hour of taping, two coats of yellow, and a butt ton of touch-ups in my future, I forged on, like so:



Dead inside and angry at the world. And the corners of my closet, where I would have to do brushwork. This may sound like a dramatized retelling of the tale, but alas, it is true to the very last word.

So, the touch ups ensued, and the ripping off of tape, cleaning up of paint splatters, and the F%^& it, I’m freehand taping the second wall without pencil adventures followed. Finally, I was DONE the chevroning. DONNNEEE. FORRREVERRR. *eye twitch*


Seems like a happy ending right? Not quite yet.

I put my clothes back into my closet, only to realize that if you were standing in front of the closet, as one does when selecting clothing, you couldn’t even see the chevron on the side walls, and it looked like all I did was paint it white. I sank to my knees in despair and vowed to paint the back wall yellow next weekend. The following week passed slowly and with a ridiculous head cold that gave me zombie eyes (you know what I’m talking about, when they’re all drippy and irritated and everyone keeps asking you what’s wrong, to which you politely answer Oh gee, it must be all the pot I’m smoking, and nobody can tell if you’re serious or not (I wasn’t))

Then I re-emptied my closet for what I hope to be the last time for many moons, and painted two coats of yellow on the back wall. I only put the clothes I had worn in the past month back in the closet, eliminating probably another fourth of my unnecessarily large wardrobe. I’m very happy with the results. All of the work (most of it needlessly created my by stupidly impatient self) was worth it.



SO PRETTY! RIGHT?!?! Except for the small mess in the corner, this is such a huge improvement from the horrible mess that was my closet a few months ago. And really, I have these four CDs to thank for my sanity.


Lorde, Eric Hutchinson, Owl City, and AWOLNATION, I love all of you.

So, moral of the story, do your painting with patience, and don’t be afraid to tackle that really messy corner of your home this spring. Trust me, if I can do it, you can do it. And for the love of all things good in this world, and your sanity, do it to a really great playlist.

Happy spring cleaning!!


Art Organization Progression



My room was an absolute black hole of stuff not even 3 months ago. And that makes me sad. I don’t know if it’s the fact that it’s finally above zero here (AKA SPRIIIINGGG), or I just got really sick of it, but that past few weekends I’ve been organizing my room, one corner at a time. It’s been nice.

I like creating things, but I never do, mostly because all of my art supplies were thrown in a jumbled mess in these lovely plastic baskets for the longest time.


Not very useful, no?  So then I organized the boxes and stacked them like this for a few months:


Definitely better, but I still wasn’t happy with it and had an old closet rod  (and a butt-ton of junk) taking up unnecessary space in the corner next to the boxes, and so I thought Why not do something about that? 

Here’s the corner pre-redo:


BOOOOOO. What a mess. Here’s all of the crap behind that magical curtain:


*shudder* So after about 40 minutes of going through that long overdo mess, and removing the closet rod, I screwed some screws into the boxes on the wall and hung them up like this:




Okay, so there was still some junk on my bed…but c’mon, the corner looks so much better! I filled the boxes with art supplies, and even brought over my scrapbooking/fabric drawers and stacked all of my sewing supplies for easy access because whenever I have to sew a button back on, I just don’t because it takes an hour to find a needle. It’s finding a needle in my room, which is worse than a haystack, trust me. Anyway, here’s the finished corner:



I can even find glue guns and sticks in a timely fashion now! AHH!


Here’s everything in sections. Needless to say, gross mess of an old closet < organized art supplies corner. I’ve been making lots of stuff lately, which you’ll get to see a little later!

Thanks for reading my first of (hopefully) many organization escapades. Have you been on any spring cleaning jags lately? Let me know!






First Time Packing for International Travel (unnnghh)


Wowza. I’m leaving for Costa Rica tonight (WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN), which obviously means I started packing for 10 days in the jungle yesterday. In my defense, I already had an extensive list of what I needed, so it was only a matter of corralling, paring down, and making everything fit into a carry on and a backpack.  Nonetheless, I thought I’d share my discoveries along the way and what I decided to bring. Probably I packed way too much (hi teenage girl here I need everything) so you more experienced travelers and minimalist packers can have a good laugh.

So, like I said, I made an extensive list broken into the following categories: Clothes, Necessities (toiletries, etc), Stuff, and Devices. I’m nothing if not sophisticated. I do, however, strongly suggest making a list before hand because I find that it makes the actual packing a lot quicker and you have something to refer to as a checklist.

Then, I got all my crap together on the bed along with my two possible suitcase options, a Vera Bradley tote and a standard carry on size suitcase. I opted for the suitcase in the end just so I could be sure that I wouldn’t have to complicate my first flight with checked baggage.


Ugh I am a disgusting human being. I need to clean my cave before I leave. Anyway, that’s everything. Then I put it all on the floor in a sort of organized fashion:


And then I read that you should lay out everything, take half of what you think you need out of that, and twice the money you think you’ll need, so I pared down my clothing to 1 light jacket, 5 shirts, 3 pairs of shorts, and one pair of PJ shorts, and the shoes and hat. This isn’t exactly the halfsies rule, but it’s ten days, and I didn’t want to skimp on clothing too badly.

Undies I did not skimp on, however, because those are the only thing I mind re-wearing. Clearly this is not a fancy trip and luckily I don’t have to be concerned about fashion, or else this would have taken me even longer to do.


I’m also bringing a day pack, a waterproof bag, a camera bag for all of my very important things, a journal, pens, extra batteries and SD cards, and books for the plane. Not pictured are my sunglasses, camera, my phone and my iPod, which I’m using for on the go quick picture taking and music listening.


And again, I’m sure way too much stuff, but I’ve never traveled further than Florida before and I want to be sure. I also don’t want botflies and sunburn. (Also, sunscreen, bacitracin and hydrocortisone are liquids and ended up in my 3-1-1 bag. If you’re unfamiliar, more on that rule here.)


And my always on my body very important things bag, which contains: My passport, a copy of my insurance info, most of my money (more on that later), my license, my camera and batteries/extra SD cards. There’s also a small journal and a pen in there in case, because you never know, and also it’ll be handy if I can’t understand something and I need someone to write it down. I can read Spanish and speak it pretty well, but when it comes to understanding it, it’s a little tricky. In other words, if this was the only bag that came with me, I could live.

So, all in all, here are my beginners’ tips for packing:

1. Do a little research before hand so you know your airline’s specs for carry-ons and luggage, and familiarize yourself with basic security rules (3-1-1, what you can and cannot bring, etc.) Maybe even Google some packing tips.

2. Make a list of everything and pare it down to the essentials. You will be grateful for this when you’re literally sitting on your bag to close it and hating yourself for being so materialistic. It’ll also be a great checklist later.

3. Lay everything out and make sure you’re really at the minimum you feel comfortable traveling with.

4. Start packing it into your bags. If you do what I did, with a carry on and a personal bag, put a little of everything in each. Also put things you’ll want on the plane (books, iPod, etc) in your personal bag because it’ll be close to you for the flight. For example, most of my clothes were in my carry on, but in my backpack, I had a change of clothes, some money, my contact stuff, and my books/devices I’ll need on the flight. I also plan to keep the little red important stuff bag on my body at all times. Again, if these two were the only bags that came with me (worst case scenario) I could scrape by. Everything else I could buy somewhere else.

5. Ziploc bags are your new friend. All of my devices went into one, and all of my toiletries went into one. This will hopefully make security less of a hassle. I’ll let you know when I get back, though.

6. Designate a very important things (VIT) bag to keep on you at all times. This should, at the minimum, contain your passport, papers, license, and most of your money in it. I put my camera stuff in mine because I do NOT want to lose my baby. Most airlines (if not all?) allow this in addition to your personal bag and carry-on.

7. Double check that list.


And after much hell, I finally got everything to fit in these bags. Each passenger is allowed a carry on and a personal bag (in this case, my backpack), but each airline has specific dimensions and weight limits to meet, so, again, be sure to check their site before packing.

So to recap, I learned and would suggest: make a list, pack lighter than you think you should, organize as much as you can within your bags, and plan for the worst case scenario by putting some money, clothes, and essentials in each bag as much as you can. Ask yourself: If I lost every bag but this one, would I be okay? Also, keep a VIT bag and keep that VIT bag on you at all times.

If you have any tips or similar packing experiences to share, please let me know. I am such a rookie, and maybe some of my tips are just downright senseless. I’m open to suggestions!!

Also, since I won’t have internet access for the majority of the next ten days, blogging will be spotty at best. Thanks for reading, and adios!