Whose Blog Is This Anyway?


I’m an artsy girl who’s really into music, nature, theater, self-improvement, DIY, home decor, bright lipstick, and fashion. And YA dystopian romance novels…it’s borderline a problem. I strongly believe that even though it’s tough, being yourself is the best way to be. I’m a night-owl and sadly the world has yet to embrace that and thinks I should go to bed early and get up even earlier for work (sadface), so it’s an on-going struggle. I’m a cat person(even though my cat doesn’t seem to be a person cat), I love blogs, travelling, journaling, making things and Nutella. Better Homes and Gardens is my guilty pleasure magazine (you would think it would be Cosmo, but really I have no shame). My head is often full of ideas that don’t end up happening (but I’m working on it…I swear…) I usually wear contacts but when I’m not, I have really cool orange glasses. Also I’m a ridiculous potty mouth, but that doesn’t usually end up leaking out into the Internet.

I also love photography. You can see my Flickr stream here. I hope one day to open my own Etsy shop to sell prints, but I just don’t know when that’s going to happen yet.

I enjoy surfing YouTube, but it’s probably a good thing I have crappy internet or else I’d never leave the house. I am obsessed with SNL (Seth Meyers marry me). I do not enjoy politics, the news, messy rooms (and yet I hate cleaning…), or crumbs in my bed.

Aaaand I think that just about covers it!


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