Hello from the Land of College!


Sooo turns out I am in college now. Which is weird. The first week or so was kind of hard because homesickness and the absence of basically anything familiar, but I’m definitely liking things a lot better now. I’ve made friends, I’ve joined some clubs (feminist collective, pride, group theater, ballroom???) and I even go to the gym and take Zumba classes on Tuesdays and Wednesdays! It’s pretty rad. I know I look like a newborn giraffe trying to Zumba but it’s really fun AND it’s a workout! Yee!

I’d say I’ve been doing relatively well as an adult. I’m organized, I do my dishes before they grow into pets, I’m making fraaaands. I definitely do still miss home a lot, but it’s getting easier. i really like all of my classes, too. I have one that’s a writing course about the concept of sight as knowledge in medieval Europe, Women’s and Gender studies, Spanish, and a Theatre class. Also my earliest class is noon and my weekend lasts from 4 Thursday to 2 Monday which is a SWEET deal. I NEVER HAVE TO GO TO BED OR WAKE UP EARLY. COLLEGE LYFE.

I’ll post pictures and everything soon, but I just wanted to send out a quick update and some love to my internet frands. LOVE YOU GUYS. And let’s all share college experiences and advice. I’m sure I’m not the only freshman trying to figure things out, so I vote we form a support group. There will be cookies. And memes.



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