Golden Dinosaurs in an Unfinished Bathroom



Soooo clearly the last week is one of those weeks in which I remember that I greatly enjoy photography. I like to try and branch out from my normal “trees and nature” routine sometimes, just to see what else I can come up with. Lately I’ve been inspired by two things: The gold dinos that live on my bookshelf and the amateur flash look of American Apparel ads (despite their controversy, I think they use cool techniques).




See above ^^^

So I took advantage of my unfinished bathroom’s white walls and did a late night flash photo shoot. I found the pictures were better when the room was dark, but a few of them worked pretty well when the lights were on. Once I got them into my computer, I upped the brightness, contrast, and highlights to get the extra flash effect. Before we continue, I would like to make a disclaimer that these aren’t the excessive selfies they seem to be, I just have no one else around late at night to model for my photo shoots. So here they are.





And then I guess with these I was trying to say something like “Smoking away a flower is as much a shame as smoking away health because health is beautiful like a flower”????? I don’t know. Something like that. They aren’t supposed to be pro-smoking.







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