Just Posted: Moar Treez


Sooooo basically I thought this was a cool composition and wanted to bring some surreal color  and contrast into it annnd that’s all…BUT the other ones are more interesting!


River of Dreams–At first I put it sideways because it looked abstract and cool, and then I realized that this is what the shoreline would look like to someone waking up in the river and trying to get their bearings–my writer/artist imagination takes over with a lot of these photos.



I’ve been thinking about writing a fantasy novel called Starboard, and I edited this picture of a perfectly normal riverbank until it fit the atmosphere I pictured the island would have at dusk. I find that a lot of photos I take with the aim of imposing my imagined/edited atmosphere onto them so that they match the magical places in my head, which are usually enhanced versions of the “real world”.

Until next time frands (Then I will be sharing some golden dinosaur themed photos),



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