Just Posted: These Three


Bee Still, as per usual light leaks and a vintage filter. (I now realize that I should have made this a profound Save The Bees moment.) I found this guy perfectly preserved in the bottom of a wodden box while I was cleaning out my camper. This camper also has a vintage floral couch, and I thought “Hey! Opportunity for an indie photo!”  I buried him afterwards with some honeysuckle, because the littlest creatures deserve honor, too.

#indietrash#proud flickr Sunsplosion, yet another leak and a warm filter. Took this biking home (my favorite time to do anything outside is around sunset because HELLO MAGIC) and could not resist. flockrrrr A Morning for Adventure, amazingly, NO leaks! Taken on the morning of a family trip to Maine, which was, indeed, an adventure. Find more on Pinterest and Flickr! (links) ❤ Morgan


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