Gravitational Blog Shift


Okay, yeah, that was a little dramatic. I’ve been reevaluating my blog and setting goals for the way I want to continue blogging, and I’ve reached a few conclusions I wanted y’all to know about. The cat picture was just a ploy.

I haven’t blogged since last summer, so, as is expected, I’ve changed a little bit. I’ve also been reading a lot of posts about blogging that mention that you should blog in a way that really reflects you or else you’ll get bored with it, and your readers will, too.

I never want you guys to get bored, and I want you to read, you know,  *~*~the real me*~*~*~, so I’m going to start to try writing in a way, and about more topics, that are more accurately me. Do not fret, this isn’t a big change, and will not by any means leave out books, crafts, cats, or any of my blog staples.

It merely means I’m going to be blogging about college things more, and using more language than I have in previous posts because it’s more of a reflection of who I am and the fact that I speak like a classy sailor. It’s not going to be excessive and terrible like a bad rap song, but it’s a pretty integral part of my life/humor in real life, so I’d like to let it show in the blog world, too. Of course I don’t want to lose any of you guys as followers, but I also don’t want to surprise you with sudden offensive language, so I thought I’d give you a heads up.

I have spent a long time thinking blogging means doing the cookie cutter brightly colored DIY maven lifestyle blog, and while it is true that those are the bomb, it’s not realistic for me. Especially not as I’m going into college. There is a reason I get really frustrated and berating every time I try to match that. Yeah, I do occasional crafty stuff, but I do a lot of other things, too. Sometimes very unrelated to that. I’m going to want to blog about my experiences and actual thoughts so that this blog doesn’t turn into something artificial.

Sure, I’m not totally comfortable being 100% me all the time in the real world, but I think expressing myself in the blogosphere is a nice baby step. And hopefully it can encourage others to do the same? I don’t know. Let’s all just love each other.

AND other small updates include:
Note you can see my “Read” Goodreads shelf! Let’s be friends!

A new header that includes the words “no shame” because, well, that’s the last thing we want around here.

And actually it’s just those two things. Carry on!
Thanks for all the support so far, and I’ll be seeing you soon with MOAR POSTSZZZ!!



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