Currently Reading: Jane Eyre (My Experience in Memes)


I haven’t even finished this book, I’m not even 3/4 of the way through, but I must shout from the internet rooftops how amazing this book is. IT’S AMAZING! (Did you hear me? You have to be out on your rooftops for this to work. Get out there.) I don’t know if you’ve read it, but if you’ve always assumed that it’s a stuffy English book (like me), IT IS NOT. BE ASSURED. Of course there’s some vocab that’s a little different, but the narration and prose is so beautiful. And Jane Eyre herself is one butt kicking lady for the seventeenth (?) century in England. So free thinking! So able to tell a man what she expects of him and not bend to his will! It’s very refreshing and has made me cheer from the start. Charlotte Bronte is  an incredible genius, especially considering the restrictions placed upon women during her lifetime. I say is, rather than was, (deep thought time) because she’s never really lost to us. Her spirit lives on in each of her books, and that’s one of the reasons literature is such a beautiful and magical thing. To write the way she did was so brave and I would tooootally have lunch with her if that were at all possible.

Somehow, this book speaks through 150 years clear as a bell (and spoiler alert, Janey, men haven’t changed at all during that time. Don’t hold yo breath.)

The other great thing is that IT’S FREE FOR KINDLE SO STOP MAKING EXCUSES AND GO GET IT. And read it. And then in a week or so we can all talk about it.

I’m not going too much into plot here because I haven’t finished, but I will leave you with some choice memes to express almost all the feels I’ve had before even finishing the book.

Perhaps this shall persuade you, dear reader.

images (2)


images (3)



images (1)


download (5)


download (6)

download (7)

download (4)

download (1)

download (2)


Yup. All of them.

And some fun Jane Eyre memes:







Another plus: My inner voice is British for the time being.


Have you read this or any other books that have seriously rocked your world? Tell me about it!




5 thoughts on “Currently Reading: Jane Eyre (My Experience in Memes)

  1. When I read Jane Eyre (and a couple of weeks after) I carried the book around with me, going back to the parts I liked and reread them. Great book!! Once I started it I couldn’t put it down.

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