DIY Urban Outfitters Inspired Wall Art on the Cheap!


It’s time for me to fess up. The first step to treating a problem is admitting you have one, right? Right?! Okay, here it goes…

Hi everyone, I’m Morgan (hi, Morgan) and I am obsessed with Urban Outfitters’ Apartment section. I love everything, I want everything, and don’t feel remorse about drooling over stuff for two hours and pinning everything I like.

The only thing I’m not a fan of is the prices. I will never pay $150 for a duvet cover. $80 for a towel? No. $20 for a soap dish with an ironic deer in hipster glasses motif? Absolutely never. $25 for a pretty piece of paper to hang on my walls? Ehhh, it’s a stretch.

It’s not a secret that I’m Mr. Krabs cheap, and if I can do it myself for less, I probably will, and then I will blog about it.

I love this print (which is now $10,  a little better I suppose), but as soon as I saw it, my Martha Stewart DIY or Die brain came to life with a primal roar.

UO wall art

This is so easy to recreate, and just imagine all of the possibilities with color and flower combos you could create. It could be totally customize-able to you and your space, which is awesome. There’s even an optional step to add more pizazzle (but really, when it involves pizazzle, is it really optional?)

Here’s all you need to get started:

Something to use as a solid color background (I used a photo box lid, but paper would work just as well. You can even experiment with patterns!)


A camera 

Some way to print your photos on sturdy paper (this can be done at home with photo paper or cardstock, or you can order prints!)


The first step is as follows: Arrange your flowers in any way you like on your background and take a picture when you like it. Bam. Free. A true reflection of your soul in flowers. You can experiment with this for hours, creating all kinds of different combinations until you find a few you love. I used the square format because I liked the Instagramesque look it gave the project, but experiment away, my friends! Artistic license is a beautiful thing.

IMG_5552 IMG_5612

You could have a variety of flowers:

IMG_5604 IMG_5589 IMG_5593 IMG_5582 IMG_5560 IMG_5566

Or you could go minimalist:

IMG_5597 IMG_5586 IMG_5575 IMG_5576 IMG_5573

Or you could stick with just one type of flower (this would be super cool if I had thought to use more buttercups)

IMG_5594 IMG_5595

There a kajillions of combinations you can come up with:


Now, you can stop here and print out your picture to hang if you like the natural look. It’s pretty similar to the original:


OR you could pop over to and edit the colors of your photo to get something out of this world.


Here’s how:

1. Open your image.

2. Go to the ‘Adjustments Box’

3. Click “Color”

4. Use your mouse to scroll through different hues. Your flowers will become even more incredible. Once you’ve decided on one (or four) color choices you like, save your image.

You could go a little further and turn it into a poster, if you’re a sucker for typography like myself:


You can add a space overlay even!


Too much? Eh…

Anyway, after you’re done editing, print out your picture and hang it up!

You can even press your flowers afterward for more fun!

IMG_5614 IMG_5615

(This was my favorite arrangement)


Enjoy your own personalized, one-of-a-kind botanical print!

(Also maybe link to a picture of yours in the comments…I’m very curious to see what you guys come up with using flowers in your area. Aside from being a home decor enthusiast, I am also a proud plant nerd.)




2 thoughts on “DIY Urban Outfitters Inspired Wall Art on the Cheap!

    • Thanks! 🙂 I like those better, too…I originally was just going to leave the colors as is, but I accidentally messed with the color on one of them and really liked it. Happy accidents are the bomb.

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