How To: Gold Stripe Flower Pot


Are you also loving the gold accent craze that seems to be sweeping the internet lately? Do you like gardening and painting? Then this post is for  you! *confetti!* Jazz up an old pot and add some flair to your gardens with a simple band of gold paint in this super easy tutorial.





A pot of any variety (except glazed and smooth plastic–the paint won’t stick very well to smooth surfaces)

Gold craft paint 

Paintbrush (the thickness depends on how big you want your stripe to be)

Shellac if you’re painting the pot for outside use (a spray can would work just fine)


Step 1: Wash your pot the best you can to ensure that the paint will stick. I just used some dish soap and the scrubby side of a sponge. Let dry completely before painting! Otherwise you’ll end up with weird water streaks. No bueno.

Step 2: Put your first coat of gold paint on the bottom of your pot (or middle, or top. Your choice!) I needed about 3 coats to finish my pot, but this will vary based on the paint you use and the type of pot you’re painting. Let dry completely in between coats. You can use a hair dryer to speed up the process, but if you do it on a sunny day, you shouldn’t have to wait too long. Patience, young grasshopper.


Step 3: Once your paint is dry, spray with 1-2 layers of shellac. I didn’t do this on my first pot, and it got ruined in the rain tonight ( 😦 ). If you’re painting the pot for indoor use, you can skip this step, but if it’s going to be outside, you’ll need to protect it.


Admire your trendy and modern creation.


Step 4: Now fill your pot with a layer of rocks and/or sand on the bottom for drainage, and then add potting soil. You can plant whatever you want, but I made a little succulent garden. I am in love with it.


And it’s as easy as that! Enjoy your new pot!

Happy weekend!




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