Pinspiration from the Toilet Seat


(I’m painting this in cursive on a pretty canvas to confuse people)

HAH. Punny title, I know, I know *bows* *trudges offstage in self pity*. But I really am writing this from my toilet seat surrounded by fine dust while I’m waiting for some joint compound to dry. Yay, remodeling!

As you know (or maybe not, now you do!), I have just ventured into the previously foreboding and unknown territory known as Remodeling A Bathroom That Has Been a Portal to the Underworld for Fifteen Years. That’s probably a pretty heavy undertaking…but I am SO pumped. I just exorcised all of the evil demons and now I’m filling in the nail holes in the sheetrock!

I don’t have many pretty pictures from the real life room yet, (although there will be some how to posts on the way, stay tuned folks!) so I thought I would share with you some of my favorite pins from my Pinterest board “Extreme Makeover: Bathroom Edition. Click on the number below each picture if you want to take a closer look-see.


1. I love how eclectic this bathroom is. Our bathroom probably isn’t going to look like this because the rest of the people who pee in it aren’t as #quirky as me. Hee hee.

2. This is probably going to be closer to what the bathroom will be like. Much serenity. So calm. Wow.

3. Looove that this shower curtain looks like woods. I cannot get enough trees, and if it is somehow possible that I may bathe in them…I will say yes every time. LIVIN’ IN THE FUTURE.

4.  I’ve always lerved apothecary bottles…and these would be easy to do with recycled glass bottles and printed labels. DIY!

5.  The huge mirror and bold color are so awesome. I’m thinking about doing a bright accent wall just for fun.

6.  This is our dream shower curtain, butttttt it’s $64.00. Um, no. (Also: Urban Outftters has an entire bedroom collection featuring this design…so…there goes every penny I’ve earned in the last year.)

7. But the bamboo one is what we’re thinking about because we want some color in the room and bamboo is freaking awesome.

8.(Morgan, this isn’t a bathroom.)  Okay, so this is a picture of a living room, but I love the floor. I bought a Sharpie oil paint pen and I’m going to stencil a bunch of random triangles on the floor. I also might make a few of them silver. Shiiiiiny. The open pattern will add a lot of visual space to the very small floor.

9. I like this bathroom a lot. It has just enough details to add some personality to the space, but I’m definitely adding a little more color to ours.

10. The bold stencil and the minimalist accessories are such a cool combo.


11. I’m going to do this with painted plastic dinosaur heads for a towel rack. Rawr 😀



12 & 13. Love the green and the bunting in the first, and super love the colors in the second. It’s so bright and happy.


Alright, well a fine layer of dust has settled on my computer, and it looks like the walls are ready for yet another round of sanding. I’m gonna have biceps for dayz after this project. RENOVAATIIONNNNNNN.

Any home projects that you’re working on/have on a to-do list three miles long? Let’s all talk about it. I bet we have a lot in common.



3 thoughts on “Pinspiration from the Toilet Seat

    But…SIXTY FOUR FOR A SHOWER CURTAIN??!!!Thats unreal!!!

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