Caturday Vol. 3



Yup, I’m technically 11 minutes late, but CATURDAY HAS RETURNED!


Little Henry is growing up so fast…and his eyes are starting to change to green! All of his brothers and sisters have gorgeous peepers, too.



This is my Owen bear for you. Little show off.



There he is basking in the sun.



And curled in a wittle ball of FLUFF AND HAPPINESS.


She may hate every other cat we have, but I love her to pieces.


These are a couple of our ferals. Mama is in the background, Jeffi is the tan one, and Booboo is the black one. Booboo and Mama are currently getting fixed, but they’ll be home soon! Now it’s a matter of catching the last three ferals in the have-a-heart traps…siiiigh.

Happy weekend!

Morgan and the katz


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