Classy Vandalism


Recently, I have started to finally remodel our gross cardboard box of an upstairs bathroom (you shall have photos when I’m almost done. It’s terrible right now, and without a beautiful finished product to gaze upon, you’re gonna judge me for having that bathroom. Trust.) This has gotten me all motivated, and while I was waiting for some joint compound to dry, I thought–Hey! Today feels like a productive artsy sort of day! And so I grabbed my paints, couldn’t figure out what to paint, saw my old junky radio from ’99, and this happened.

The only before picture I could find (because I was too excited to actually take one) is the photo above. It’s black and white, but so was the radio, so you aren’t missing out on much.  Anywho…

I found this pattern online:



Which inspired me to paint this:


ON THE RADIO. Krazy, I know.


The front needs a little bit of touching up, but overall, I’m very happy with how this turned out. It’s not often something comes out looking like what I had pictured in my brain.



Would ya look at that?

So that was my day. I started remodeling a bathroom. I painted a radio. And then I ate half of a small rotisserie chicken all by myself. The rest is for later.  #noragrets.

Thanks for reading about my random little afternoon adventure! What did you do today?



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