Breakin’ Out the Camera



Literally will never get enough of space overlays. Ever. Haters to the left.

Anyway, I got an iPod for Christmas last year, and, as I had predicted, I’ve barely used my actual camera since then. Womp womp. It’s just so much easier to whip out a 3×5 inch device and tap it with your finger…but also so much less satisfying. There’s something special about taking photos with a camera, something deliberate and intimate that you don’t get with iPod photography. And popping that SD card in and editing the photos one by one, tweaking certain factors until they’re just right makes me so much happier than slapping on an InstaFilter and calling it a day.

Not that I’m dissing the iPod and its wonderful photo abilities. It’s awesome and portable and I would have missed a LOT of photo ops these past few months had I not had mine. But I’ve really missed my camera.

Well, today I got all inspired and found some gold paint ( the stuff on my lips), and for lack of anyone else wanting to model for my weird people photos I think up, took pictures of myself. Because I had no one else to take a picture of, not because I’m narcissistic. Usually. Ah well. This is a selfie vs. self portrait thing. Could go on for days.
Anyway, here’s the hopeful beginning of some using-the-real-camera type of photography that I’d love to get into more this summer. Here’s a peek at what happens when this chick gets bored and has a camera. Editing courtesy of Pixlr.





Oh, and pro tip? Don’t put gold craft paint on your lips. Use eyeshadow or something. That stuff hurts.

But then again, what is art without pain? (Eye contact with camera, artistic fade out to mood music…)

And scene.

Have you noticed you don’t use your camera as much because of more convenient methods? Or is that just a me thing?

❤ Morgan



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