DIY Handwriting Font


And then turn it into terrible graphics for your blog!

But if you’re not me, then having your handwriting be a font is actually the coolest thing ever. Especially if you have cool handwriting. Use it ANYWHERE. Too tired to write a letter? I’m sure your friends won’t catch on that every ‘a’ looks the same. They’ll just applaud you for your consistency! You could print personalized signs, flyers, collages (click for example), practically anything! Use your ~**~imagination*~**. Interested? Of course you are, living in the future is awesome.

Here’s how, in 4 easy and FREE steps (!):


Step 1. Go to the My Script Font website


Step 2. Download and print out their template and fill it in. It’s a bunch of boxes where you write each letter, capital and lowercase, and each symbol and special character. Be aware that you definitely should use black marker, and that any symbols you don’t fill in won’t be typed when using your font.

If you use pen, you have to really scribble to get any definition (the photo above, my font Skribbles), or else it will turn out like the font below, which I just call sadface.



Step 3.  Now scan the template back into your computer as a JPG, TIFF or PNG file. The website has a button right in the middle of the page where you can upload this photo.

Step 4. Click “Send File” and let their computer hamsters turn your template into a font! This font will be downloadable on your computer in your choice of True Type Font, Open Type Font, or SVG font. I used TTF and had no problemos. Once you do this, you can open and install the file onto your computer’s writing program. Now you can type away!

Happy handwriting!

❤ Morgan

5 thoughts on “DIY Handwriting Font

  1. This is PERFECT! I’ve always wondered how creating my own personalized font was possible. Thank for sharing this! ….If you’re interested, I would love to collaborate with you sometime in the very near future. Let me know: (

  2. Hi Morgan, I adore the handwritings. You’re invited if you want to see something in my blog under the topic letters, diaries and manuscripts. Thanks for sharing your amazing site. Congrats!

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