Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop, Goin’ to the Flower Shops


I went to a greenhouse again. Here are some more photos. Again. I sure hope you guys aren’t sick of flowers yet…because I’m not! (And if you’re not, might I suggest clicking here and here?)


This greenhouse had the most gorgeous hanging baskets. I never would have thought Portulaca would be a hanging basket sort of flower, but would ya look at that?




Also the most gorgeous window boxes. So much color, and somehow still poifect.



I took this guy home!


I almost bought one of these, and definitely might next time. I forget what they’re called but they are amazing.



Baby pepper! SO CUTE. #plantbabies

IMG_4895 IMG_4899


IMG_4898  IMG_4885 IMG_4876

I am super obsessed with Dahlias.

IMG_4882 IMG_4889 IMG_4900

Half baskets for trees!

IMG_4908 IMG_4907

Does this tiny garden make your heart melt? You’re not alone.  Succulove.


I want an indoor cactus garden very badly, but I know that I’d end up full of needles and so would the felines. So…I’ll just dream for now. It’s safer for everybody…


These conical baskets are the coolest.


It’s like a minimalist mod Hibiscus.


Succulent lovers, plant your heart out.

IMG_4875 IMG_4911

So it’s no secret that greenhouses are my Wonderland. Imagine how fun it would be to work at one! Just being around flowers all day, maybe planting some baskets using your never-ending supply of blooms…that’s the life.

It’s raining today, so, oh darn I can’t push mow my entire lawn (and two hills…), but we might be finishing up the veggie garden soon. Also, the rainy weather means a bit of a delay on the DIY lawn and garden decor, but when it comes it’s gonna be awesome! (Or a wicked hilarious failure. You’ll know either way.)

I hope these blooms brightened your day a leeeeetle bit (or a lot bit. That would be cool.), but if not, just remember…

Two days till Friday! Have a great day 🙂

❤ Morgan

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