Holy Shed

shed 0

This post could inspire you to get that huge cleaning project out of the way. The before an after could shock you. But mostly you’ll enjoy the stickers I added to the pictures because you deserve something fun to look at. Read on for a shed-organizing-shenanigan!


Now open your eyes…that was the power of Febreeze!! JK, not even Febreeze could mask the scent of a place where feral cats lived for a winter. As usual, I missed Spring cleaning, so now I’m doing Summer Cleaning Extravaganzas. Now, this is a little embarrassing, for me and the zombie, because this shed was an actual Portal To The Underworld for months. It was so gross. And finally, I got sick of it, so I single handedly in one day cleaned out the whole thing. This is amazing because I’m the laziest person ever, and I feel like you and I are close enough that hopefully you won’t judge me too badly for this horrid mess.

Shed 2

So it started out like the mess above, and then I completely emptied it out, swept a black bag full of debris from the floor, and left it looking like this:




And left the yard looking like this.


Then I started reloading after I sorted through all the trash (the big pile to the left). At this point, I had everything in but the kitchen sink, and took a photo to demonstrate this hi-larious occurence.




And then it was organized! It still looks shabby because everything in it is dirty and old, but it’s SUCH an improvement. Then I repurposed some old license plates as cheeky wall art. It says I know this place is a mess and will never look beautiful, but here’s the kind of ridiculous art you could expect if it were put together. Haha fancy people I’m mocking you. Or something like that. I think a lot of it was lost in translation




Even June was impressed!

Shed 3

This is my new friend Jarvis. He’s kind of an evasive d-bag, but oh well.

shed 8


The most organized wall in the place.

Well, that was my big project for Sunday. And I promise you, if I can do that, you can do whatever project has been hanging over your head, too. Think of how great you’ll feel when it’s done! You can treat yourself to ice cream!

Off to do more planting because we can’t stop buying plants! Have a great day!!

❤ Morgan

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