Conquering Monday with Plant Shopping!



Good morrow dear friends! (I’m not sure that’s an expression…but it is now.) As expected, today was another gardening day, and, happily, another flower shopping day! I love it! I was originally totally set to be all “WHAM! Let’s get up at 7:30 and eat and go for a walk and garden ALL. DAY. YAS.” But then during the night I tripped over my fan’s cord, unplugging it, and turning my room into a sauna. And so then I slept in till 11…because waking up in the smothering heat is hard stuff.

Anyway, once I got up and we all got moving, we gave the house a quick clean, and headed out to buy flowers and mulch (who know chopped up trees could be so expensive?!) and soil… so here are some pictures of gorgeous flowers to brighten your day.






This was in Walmart, probably after just being watered…but we can pretend I found it in the scorching hot golden desert, clinging to a drop of moisture. It’s more poetic that way.



If my whole garden were in this color scheme, I would be happy. I love bold, bright, big blooms (and alliteration.)






These carnations were so gorgeous…and I have no idea what the purple things are…does anyone know?



Well, there you have it. Nature is freaking awesome. As if we needed more proof. Coming in the next few days: A before and after shed clean out, some lawn decoration tutorials, and of course, more pictures of flowers and cats.

Have a great week ahead!!

❤ Morgan

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