Plants in the Ground, Plants in the Ground



Lookin’ like a fool with yo’ plants in the ground! Just kidding, you look like a savvy gardener with a green thumb. Good job! Around here, our yard and gardens were looking especially blah after six months of unusually frigid temps, and for the past couple of weeks, we’ve been working on landscaping. We’ve weeded, raked, pruned, and seeded until our arms were about ready to fall off (and there’s still more to do? Isn’t that fun?!)

Actually…it kind of is this year. I’m a little ashamed to admit it but in past years gardening has been SUCH a drag for me. I just wasn’t into it. But this year (I told you I’m becoming the hippie friend) I feel more connected to the earth when I garden. I don’t even mind dirt under my nails (ok yes I do but who doesn’t?), and if I don’t have feet covered in dirt by the end of the day, well then, I’ll just have to try harder tomorrow.


This year isn’t a super great year flower wise just yet because those little guys are expensive. So we’ve mostly been tending to the perennials. These are some great flowers from the Walmart parking lot! We ended up buying the purple one, but no celosia (the plants below) this year.

IMG_4006 IMG_4015

Little did you know even Walmart is filled with glorious natural wonders!


Classic. Our cart started out with this and some cat food…


And then we bought a jungle. And some cat food.


And then it was on our deck for awhile.



This is my desk garden! It’s my favorite thing ever, and I’m looking at it right now. Never before have I appreciated succulents, but this year I am ALL for them. Which is great, since they’re so hardy.

IMG_4070 IMG_4030

And you know me, I can’t have a post without a feline…mostly because they’re everywhere around here. This is our newest addition, Henry. He’s a darling. He was the kitten of one of our outdoor ferals that we named Derp (but her lazy eye corrected itself when she grew up, so now I feel bad. Sorry Derpy! We love you from afar because you won’t let us come near you! <3)


And then it started raining, but did we stop gardening? YES! Because there was also lighting and that’s a safety hazard for people holding rakes.


This moss has a lot of personality. I like to call him Wilfred.


I should be a landscaper right? Here’s how to make a display out of two 6-packs of flowers. You’ll even have leftover to make another little triangle! PS- If you have rocky soil too, do what we did and turn the rocks into decoration!

IMG_4110  IMG_4106


I ombre’d a pot. Move over Martha.



IMG_4094 IMG_4112

And of course our beautiful dog June. She’s the only dog among a lot of cats, and she is a SAINT. She’s also part border-collie so she loves herding them when they’re being unruly (read: all the time. It’s great exercise for everybody.)



Here’s a bush. And there are my prunings from that bush. It took me probably 2 hours, and there is not a dead speck left on that guy. And who knew I loved pruning? Aren’t people supposed to hate that? I felt like Edward Scissorhands!




Oh, just supervising. As you do.


^ A before and after of our lawn, with about 2 weeks of time in between. Krazy.



And a couple gardens this morning. The one on the right looks sparse right now because I planted some herb seeds and they haven’t shot up yet. But one day it will be a glorious herb garden and I will collect baskets of lavender and lemon balm like those ladies on Better Homes and Gardens that I’ve always wanted to be.

Well, off to go plant some veggies!! Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for more gardening stuff.

Do you have any gardens of your own? (Yes, window/desk gardens totally count!)

❤ Morgan


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