Caturday Vol. 2 (Mew?)


Hi again! It’s almost Sunday (I am SUCH a party animal, I know) but before I miss another one…MOAR CATZ FOAR CATURDAY. You can haz them all. The pictures. Not the cats. Those are mine. OH! And exciting news…I’m volunteering at a cat shelter this summer! I’m so excited! It’s paradise, and since I’m already immune to cat messes, I’m gonna be a pro at this. Anyway, on with the photos. These first two are of those foster kitties that hopefully have forever homes now. Ugh I miss them.

IMG_2986 IMG_2902

Owen is mah boo.


Flashback to winter (hiss!) This is Bombur contemplatively staring out into the icy morning.


Cat Mountain! This is Maddie sleeping in a little ball on an old tablcloth.



What can’t I sit here if it’s warm? What does this thing even do then?!


Jack is literally the chillest dude cat ever. So. Chill. He doesn’t even do catnip!


Owen around Christmastime in the bows.



I hope you have some cats to cuddle with…if not, then I share my cuddles over the internet! (Can you imagine what a big business that might be?)

Goodnight! I’m sure I’ll be back with more yardwork updates tomorrow. And maybe a fun post, just because I like to keep y’all on your toes.

❤ Morgan




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