Summer Days…


I mentioned in my last post that I’m trying to get outside a lot more, and I wanted to share with you (and okay maybe brag a little) how purty my corner of the world is this time of year. I think it’s gonna be a good summer.



I ❤ Trees. I’m slowly becoming the “hippie” friend. AND I AM PROUD OF IT.


Literally a corner, during my favorite time of day: sunset. I’m so glad it happens every 24 hours.


Aggghhhh soooo prettyyyyyyy. And these sumac trees look almost tropical in this light. I love it!


This is a memento of an uncharacteristically ambitious 9 AM walk I took the other day. Dat exercise tho.



The hiiiiilllls are aliiiiiiive with the sound of wind and sometimes geese on the river.


At first glance this stagnant pondle (too small for a pond, too big for a puddle) is super gross. Ratchet as the youths say (am I using that right?) But there is so much life teeming on and below the surface. Sure, it is kind of icky life, like bug larvae and stuff, but still so amazing. I was watching twigs move and I couldn’t figure it out until a little fishy bug thing swam out and I was like WOAH! YOU WERE HIDING YOU TRICKSTER.  And then angry bug mommas started dive bombing me and I got the heck outta there.


There were at least 20 (20!) of these gorgeous butterflies hanging out on the mud before I accidentally scared them away because I’m a dumb clumsy human who doesn’t fly like poetry in motion. 😦 #sad. These were the brave ones that were all like “No. We’re gonna show this punk who owns this turf. SPOILER ALERT ITS US BEETCHESSSS. *flap flap flutter flap*



And some branches with the sun overhead. Super pretty.

So yeahhhhhh I’m so glad it’s summer and am almost already dreading winter again, but refuse to let it rule my entire year with fear (just half of it. Luv u New England).
How’s summer in your corner of the world?
❤ Morgan


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