Hashtag Internet


Hi! Are you from the internet? Do you know you have the capacity to be an interesting person but let the internet do it for you? Do you wish you could stop being on your iPod all the time and go out and live #life? If you said yes to any of these, let’s be friends. Because I’m an internetaholic, too. (That’s me up there, sitting on the internet.)

Now, I realize I’m writing this from my laptop, but let me explain, in sections because I wrote a lot of words:

In the Internet, Part of the Internet:

Last night, I had a horrible moment of self-realization. I was sitting in my bed, lazily talking to three or four people…(okay one of them was an emoji battle, which is so sad) when I realized I was on THREE devices at the same time. I was photo editing on my laptop, messaging and Snapchatting (it’s a verb now!) on my iPod, and texting someone else on my phone.


I did NOT need to be on that many devices at the same time! MORGAN! I said to myself, PUT THEM DOWN. BLINK.

But really, I’ve been noticing how freaking much I’m on the internet, or some sort of LCD device that cuts me off from living in the real world. Please don’t get me wrong, I love technology, I think the internet is the bomb, but as with everything, I think (this is for me personally–you do you gurl/boi), it should be in moderation. At least in more moderation that I’m using it now.

Here are some of my internet confessions, just so we can get a sense of how bad it’s gotten (and maybe I’m not alone?):

-I use it as a social crutch. I hardly ever talk to my friends over the phone/in person, especially during the summer, and I’m actually getting bad with face to face conversations with people. I’m gonna say that’s a problem.

-When my friends and I hang out, sometimes we just sit in silence on our respective iPods. Then lament over how boring we are.


-Once I spent six hours on the internet and didn’t even care. I probably also didn’t even blink.

-Instead of coming up with my own thoughts, I let the internet do it….why put in the effort? Y’know? As soon as I’m bored, I don’t go outside and play hopscotch with the neighborchildren like they did when my grandparents were kids, I turn on my iPod to see what’s up on Ye Olde Instagramme. Who needs imagination?! Or companionship?!


-Between you and me, it’s gotten so bad that sometimes I get anxious if I’m away from my iPod for the time it takes me to go to the bathroom. Nothing Earth shattering is going to happen during that time, I’m not even texting a boy or anything, and it’s just not good.

Why the Internet is Taking My Soul:

A few months ago I stumbled across an article (on…the internet…) that said how too much LCD time screws up our sleep patterns and causes more stress and depression because of what all the unnatural blue light does to our brains. It totally made sense, and since then, I’ve been trying to cut down. But it’s also been WINTER, so there wasn’t much incentive to live in the real world because it was going to give me frostbite.

I just feel so brain-dead when I’m online all the time. I love Facebook and Flickr and Figment and Instagram (OMG Instagram) just as much as the next teenage girl, but when I’m doing  that for hours, the creative part of my brain atrophies, and it’s taken me awhile to get it back. I just feel better when I’m on my device less frequently because it allows me to have my own brain.


(Something I thought of while not on the Internet)

I think human connection is something our generation is missing out on, and it’s such a natural part of our species, so it’s sad. Sure it’s important to adapt to new changes, like the increase of technology, but  we were built to communicate using gestures and our voices and faces, not those adorable Pusheen the cat stickers on Facebook (although the unicorn one does express a lot of my feels quite often). I don’t want to miss out on that, so …

Here’s What I’ve Been Practicing to De-Device Lately:

1: Stop taking your device to the bathroom with you. Your world will not end, even though it might be hard at first. Bring in a good magazine, read some news, look at this month’s story on your ASPCA calendar. Then wash your hands. It wasn’t that bad, right?



2: Go outside at least once a day, even if it’s for 15 minutes. Again, no device. Tell your friends BRB you’re living in the real world for a few. Maybe go on a nice stroll, breathe in the air, soak up the natural sunlight, hear the birds and all the other animals living their life like they have for centuries.



Isn’t it nice?! It really exists!!!

3: Find another hobby/passion that doesn’t include the internet. This one is probably the most useful for me. It’s aaaaalll about distractions. Maybe it’s reading, or painting, or something you’ve always loved but stopped doing because the internet was easier. Mine is sitting in trees. Like those goats in that calendar!



4: Now go make plans to do things in the real world with your friends. Maybe even get them in on the no devices thing too (although this isn’t necessary as long as everyone isn’t on their phones the whole time.) There is nothing like real time spent with your friends creating #memories.




I hope this post helps you out a little, or inspires you, or maybe it just made you think I’m a preachy hypocrite. I hope not the last one, though.


Thanks for reading! Now go look at some calendars!

❤ Morgan



2 thoughts on “Hashtag Internet

  1. I’ve been doing the same thing for a while! I do feel better when I’m outside. I’ve felt so refreshed and a lot happier! It’s so crazy what has become of all of us!

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