Conquering Monday Vol. 4 (feat. Mother Nature!)







Happy Monday! Today I went for a walk in the woods (aka my backyard aka personal Narnia) and took a bunch of pictures. A couple of them are on my Instagram feed (@morgantheperson! Come say hi!), but the rest are just for you. Here ya go!




Meadows rock.


At first glance, this is a gross stagnant pool of water, but it’s incredible how much life is teeming in there.



My favorite place is this little stream…it’s so so so pretty and it just feels alive. It’s right in the middle of a gulley next to our house, so I can hear it running all the time.


The meadow is always pretty muddy, because there are streams in the woods that run down through it into the river on the other side, but it’s gorgeous.


IMG_4368 IMG_4351

This was the coolest thing I’ve seen in awhile. Here, there are only a couple butterflies, but before I accidentally scared them all of (like the giant monster I am) there were probably 20 butterflies just chillin’ in the sun. I had no idea they did that! So cool!


More of the stream.

IMG_4370 IMG_4339


The grass gets to be about 7 feet tall in the summer before they hay the fields, and once I was walking right through here, and about 10 feet away, out of seemingly nowhere, this beautiful doe hopped out of the grass and bounded away. This place never stops with the magical nature stuff.


I hope your Monday treated you well! Anything fun happening this week in life?

Hugs and butterflies,

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