Introducing Caturday!


Yup. Caturday. It’s a real life thing. I’ve been doing it pretty consistently on Instagram, and I thought why not bring it to the blog, too? Everyone loves cats!
And before we get going, at risk of being the cat lady (okay, I AM the cat lady), let me explain our rather unique cat situation. You’re going to notice pretty quickly that there are a lot of cats in these photos, and no, it is not because my family is hoarding them.

So, quick back-story (this will be elaborated on in a soon to come post!): About a year ago, a gray cat showed up in our woods. We thought it was a boy. You should never assume that. We also thought he/she would be moving along soon. Then she had a litter of five cats. Surprise! What fun! At that point, we didn’t have the money to get six cats fixed, but we also couldn’t let them die, and nobody wanted to help us out, so, we did the human thing. We fed them and converted an unused shed into a cat house–we’re definitely animal people around here. We kept feeding them and they grew up and then–SURPRISE–Mama Kitty had ANOTHER litter of seven. We took them in. Then one of the outdoor cats had another litter of five. Those we fostered and found a no-kill animal shelter to find them homes. Then another cat had another kitten, who we are currently fostering until he’s old enough to go up for adoption.

We also had three housecats before that.

Wow, right? Now, this is sure an ungodly amount of cats, but no worries, our house is big enough for everyone, our yard big enough for the rest. Everyone is happy, well fed, loved, and always have clean litterboxes to pee in. No cat left behind, that’s our policy. Also, the indoor ones are all fixed, so no more cats from them! We’re currently working on fixing the remaining outdoor cats, because we can’t do this forever, and it’s safer for all parties involved in the long-run.

Now for some brief introductions.

The handsome kitten above is Felix Jr. We named him after his dad, who we think fathered most, if not all, of the other cats. He disappeared sometime in the middle of this winter, and we’re pretty sure he must have passed on, so we named this little guy, who looks a lot like him, in his memory. Loved that chunky fuzzball. He’s now at the pet shelter, happily awaiting a home.


This is Maddie, short for Madeline, and she’s really sweet, but also kind of a diva. We love her anyway.


This is Louie. He was the first to join us  inside and now happily sits on everyone’s computers. He’s a noble gentleman, but also a huge spaz.


This is Kibby (the gray one, and a great uncle to the new kitties.) and Owen (we’re besties.) Kibby’s been with us for a long time, and Owen is one of the kittens we took in. He and I have a special bond where he hops in my lap every time I’m in the bathroom. It’s nice. He’s also a lunatic.



Bombur’s on top (we named her after a dwarf in the Hobbit, but then she was a girl. We aren’t very good with genders around here. In our defense, they’re fluffy.) And Maddie.


IMG_3347 IMG_3362 IMG_3424

These are all Sabrina, or Beenie for short. She’s one of our older cats, and we’ve bonded a lot over the years. She always sleeps in my room. She’s very temperamental, but recently she’s been more friendly. Probably because she’s an old lady. She had a tough time at first dealing with all the new cats, but, for the most part, everyone gets along now.


And Mama Kitty, the cat that started it all. She’s magic, I swear. Her eyes are incredible. There’s something very mystical about all these cats, actually. (Haha, yeah…I’m losing it..)



And Bombie again! This isn’t even all of them! There’s still Diamonds and Jack and Phoebe, but I’ll introduce you to them in the next post.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you like cats, or this post just wasn’t any fun for you. I’m sorry. Kind of.

Happy Caturday!

❤ Morgan and the zoo.



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