Meanwhile, in New England…


The sun is shining, the birds are singing…but most of all, I’m not at risk for frostbite 5 seconds out the door!

Spring has sprung!! It is 110 degrees warmer than it was in the dead of winter. Let that sink in. No more burning pain just stepping out the door into the frigid air…no more numb legs even though you have four layers on…no more gross roadside snow!!!! Yahoooo!!! I just planted some seeds this weekend (peppers, although it definitely might be a little bit late…we’ll see.) this weekend, and washed the car…BAREFOOT. It’s crazy.


And even though its past 7 oclock, it’s still light out! Like, so light I think I’m going to finish this post and go for a walk in the woods.

IMG_3447 IMG_3078

Even the sunrises are gorgeous! It’s okay to get up at 6:30 now because it’s daylight out!

IMG_3444 IMG_3564

This time of year reminds me how I need to move a leeeeeetle bit more south. I still want snow for Christmas, just not for Easter.




So glad it’s finally warm and bright and green again. How is it in your corner of the world? (PS–If it’s warm and bright all the time…ugh, you’re so lucky.)

Happy spring from New England!

❤ Morgan


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