Les Mis in NYC!




Hi!! It’s been so long since I’ve had time to blog what with finals week and all that jazz, but I am back! And I have missed you. And I wanted to tell you about this really fun thing that happened.

In the midst of the chaos, I took a day trip to NYC to go see LES MIS ON BROADWAY OMG. I am a HUUUUGE theater kid/nerd and so of course I took the opportunity to go on a  trip to see my favorite Broadway show. It was the most incredible thing, and AHH (let me fangirl for a sec before I share pictures.) Andy Mientus, the guy who plays Kyle in Smash, was MARIUS. I DIED when he came out on stage and started singing. DIIIED. It’s so weird to see someone you’ve only ever seen on TV in real life. So weird. But like, favorite guy from my favorite TV show playing my favorite character in my favorite muscial=amazing. I am super thankful I had this opportunity. It was incredible.

Now, I’m not a huge fan of the city, or any city really…I much prefer my trees, but this was a really cool trip to take. AHH! Time for the pictures.


A sunrise on campus right before we left at 7 AM.


The last tree I’d be seeing for awhile…okay, not really but I mean kinda.


Times Square! Forget why you stay at home all the time? Blood pressure too low? Go visit! Just kidding, I see the appeal in the city, but I could NOT live here. BUT, that 5 story Forever 21 is incredible. I could live there.


Inside the Imperial Theatre…gorgeous.

20140516-170440.jpg 20140516-170325.jpg

I’m unhealthily obsessed with this chandelier and might do a whole post on the six thousand photo edits I’ve done to it.


The street outside the theater…evening is my favorite time in the city…the lighting is kind of calming, in a way.



A gorgeous sunset on the way home.


Speaking of home, we didn’t get back till 2:30 AMand buses are actual hell. But it’s okay. 

What are your plans for this weekend?


Happy Saturday!

❤ Morgan


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