DIY Golden Gummy Bear Earrings!


These are so *so* adorable. I know that sounds like humblebragging, but I made these for a friend who is obsessed gummy bears for Christmas and I love the way they turned out, because I thought they were going to be a total crafting fail. But they were a win! Surprise!

Think about it: You make a pair. Either you keep them and have conversation pieces dangling from your ears, or you give them away and make your friends love you even more. Or you do both. Win/win/win.




Sparkly gold nail polish

Gummy bears (Orange or yellow work best with this color)

Headpins and earring hooks

Optional jewels and glue (mine were from an old bedazzler, so they were pronged in the back, but you’ll need some super/hot glue to glue yours on if the jewels have a flat back)

Shellack (I dipped mine into a can)

Wire cutters

Jewelry pliers

Newspaper to cover up the area you’re using and possible nail polish remover,  ‘cuz this could get messy


Ready?? Of course you are, you’re a crafting wizard.


Step 1: Gather the supplies.


Step 2: Paint the gummy bears with two to three coats of nail polish until you get our desired sparkliness. Feel free to go nuts here. Let them dry between each coat, and don’t forget the backs!


Step 3: Poke headpins through the bottoms of the gummy bears and bend about a centimeter from the gummy, cutting the extra off. Glue jewels onto bellies.

Step 4: Loop the headpin through the hook using your jewelry pliers, spray or dip with two coats of shellack, letting dry between each coat.

And you’re done! It’s that simple. I checked back with my friend, and the gummy bears completely harden like adorable little rocks about a week after you make them (at least in dry winter weather) and will preserve very well. No need to worry about ants or anything like that. Heat and cold also doesn’t have an effect on these little guys, so you can wear ’em worry free!


Just think of all the glorious gummy jewelry that could come out of this…or maybe don’t because it’s beautiful and overwhelming.


Have an awesome weekend!!



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