DIY Super Easy Hoop Art


I like this project because it’s a great way to add color and character to your walls AND cost me zero dollars because I had everything laying around (and you might, too!) Do excuse my profane embroidery on the right up there…


Embroidery hoop of any sort

Fabric scraps of any color, preferably two contrasting patterns (or not, it’s your life!)

Cute pin (optional)


Ready to get started?

First, gather all of your supplies.


Here, the fabric is already pre-cut, but you’ll want to do that first. Lay your hoop down over the back of the fabric, trace it in pencil, and give roughly 1/2 inch of extra space all around when you cut it. I have a lot of fabric squares for a quilt that has yet to sew itself, so I used one of those, but you can cut any shape out of any other sort of fabric you have. Pretty simple! 🙂


Now, lay the fabric over the hoop, and the contrasting piece over that. Push the top half of the hoop over your fabric to pull it taught.




This part is optional, but I had a fun Wizard of Oz pin my mom brought me back from a trip to Kansas when I was really little, and I wanted to use it in this project for some added flair.


Isn’t that cute? This took me almost no time to make, so you can make lots of them and make a statement wall.



Ta-da! You did it! Let me know how yours turn out in the comments, and happy crafting!




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