Conquering Monday, Vol 1.



Oh man, Mondays are hard. I actually think Tuesdays are a little bit worse, but Monday’s are definitely a close second. For this reason, I will be sharing with you some random funny photos I have saved onto my computer over the years. Warning: these will be random in order, and when I say funny, I’m not talking “Higher level thinking funny that’s actually a little bit pretentious if you really look at it”, I’m talking…well, just look and see for yourself. 3112013105726 (Source)   Try not to smile at this. TRY. 3120132252172 (Source)   Heehee. Get it? 31320130402238xXsp3A (Source)   That’s a whaley good point. 33020130407195 (Source) I feel ya. 62420130225180 10/10 would watch. (Source) DONUT   (Source) Okay yes, I am just craving carbs because it’s Monday, but CAT DONUTS OMG. GRUMPYCATBITCHES   (Source)   Yes. Yes it is.   images (9)   (Source)   How I will feel until Thursday night. murica (Source)   My country ’tis of thee, sweet land of heart disease, of thee I sing. Murica (Source) Trololol   Well, I hope that brightened your day if just a little. Tune in next Monday for more! Because I have hundreds. Fo real. I hope you have a great week!! Hang in there! Morgan

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