DIY Embroidered Calendar Page Art



My sister gave me this awesome Van Gogh calendar last year, and instead of throwing out perfectly good replications of famous works of art,  I wanted to turn them into wall art. Of course I could have just hung the pages up on their own, but embroidering them adds fun texture and turns them into really cool conversation pieces. Have an old calendar you want to re-purpose? Here’s what you’ll need: Old calendar Embroidery floss Needle for aforementioned floss Scissors Tape Embellishments of your choice ( I used buttons) Great! Once you gather all of that, you can get started. DSCN0260DSCN0264

Select your floss color palette. I used colors that matched the painting, but contrasting colors could be cool too. I also used buttons for the orange flowers, but again, it’s all up to you. Freeeedom! Now, thread your first color onto your embroidery needle. DSCN0270 Poke it up through the back where you want to start your stitching. Keep stitching over the area until you’re satisfied. Be careful not to poke holes to close to each other, though–the holes rip together pretty easily. DSCN0272 Once you’re done, tie a knot on the back and tape down the thread so it doesn’t slip back through and ruin your beautiful work. The back does NOT have to be pretty. DSCN0274 You can embroider as much or as little as you want. I did some vertical embroidering on some of the fields, french knots of the trees and haystacks, and a simple stitch for some of the grass that followed the lines of the painting. Here’s the finished project: DSCN0275   I’m definitely going to do some more pages of this calendar and add it to a little gallery wall. Because I’m cultured. I LIKE VAN GOGH. Share your projects in the comments so I can see them! 🙂 Happy stitching! Morgan

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