Art Organization Progression



My room was an absolute black hole of stuff not even 3 months ago. And that makes me sad. I don’t know if it’s the fact that it’s finally above zero here (AKA SPRIIIINGGG), or I just got really sick of it, but that past few weekends I’ve been organizing my room, one corner at a time. It’s been nice.

I like creating things, but I never do, mostly because all of my art supplies were thrown in a jumbled mess in these lovely plastic baskets for the longest time.


Not very useful, no?  So then I organized the boxes and stacked them like this for a few months:


Definitely better, but I still wasn’t happy with it and had an old closet rod  (and a butt-ton of junk) taking up unnecessary space in the corner next to the boxes, and so I thought Why not do something about that? 

Here’s the corner pre-redo:


BOOOOOO. What a mess. Here’s all of the crap behind that magical curtain:


*shudder* So after about 40 minutes of going through that long overdo mess, and removing the closet rod, I screwed some screws into the boxes on the wall and hung them up like this:




Okay, so there was still some junk on my bed…but c’mon, the corner looks so much better! I filled the boxes with art supplies, and even brought over my scrapbooking/fabric drawers and stacked all of my sewing supplies for easy access because whenever I have to sew a button back on, I just don’t because it takes an hour to find a needle. It’s finding a needle in my room, which is worse than a haystack, trust me. Anyway, here’s the finished corner:



I can even find glue guns and sticks in a timely fashion now! AHH!


Here’s everything in sections. Needless to say, gross mess of an old closet < organized art supplies corner. I’ve been making lots of stuff lately, which you’ll get to see a little later!

Thanks for reading my first of (hopefully) many organization escapades. Have you been on any spring cleaning jags lately? Let me know!






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