Costa Rica Photos Part 1

Because you can bet your butt there will be more. This was such an amazing opportunity and boy do I feel a LOT better about my Spanish now. Here are some of my favorite shots from the trip:


The coast from above…also: first time in a plane? Not too shabby. 


Um yeah hi WHAT.


Arenal, Costa Rica’s most active volcano. I stayed at a hotel with it RIGHT. OUTSIDE. 



Howler monkeys and iguanas just sort of happen in CR. And sloths. SO MANY SLOTHS. 


The view of the Pacuare River from the ecolodge. 



The Carribean…it’s so blue and SO WARM. Bathwater is not an exaggeration. You just, like, run into it and start swimming. No Atlantic cold water to get used to!!!


A gorgeous Costa Rican sunrise to remember it by…wow…

So yeah, there are a few of the 2,000 (?!) photos I took. More to come!!






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