Valentine’s Day Cards from Buzzfeed

Buzzfeed actually is in possession of my soul at the moment, so I thought I should share some of the love. As you may know, it is almost Valentine’s Day which is like, nice, I guess. I don’t hate it, even if I am a singlebutt. I like expressing my love for all my friends and family and everything, but mostly I like giving out funny v-day cards to shield my true emotions. Alas, no longer are we in middle school with the cute tissue box mailboxes, and no, I don’t have a boyfriend, but you bet your butt I’m going to print a ton of these out and hand them out to all of the people I know. PS, some of them aren’t very appropriate. Being the disgusting human I am, I don’t mind, but if you do, I have warned you.

12 Homemade Valentine’s Day Cards That Won’t Terrify Your Casual Hookup



I’m really awkward with emotionz so these are great for people like me.

15 Passive Aggressive Valentine’s Day Cards



Lovely designs, accurate words.

39 Absolutely Perfect Comic Sans Valentine’s Day Cards




Well, happy V-Day everyone! I hope you have a good one and tell people you love them and they tell you they love you and all that. JK, be your own autonomous person!

PS–If you’re actually wanting to get your lovah/platonic friend something more than paper, check out this Buzzfeed gift guide. Everything’s under $25! You only have to skip dinner for one night to afford this!




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