This Week in War Paint

I love makeup. I think it’s a super chance to express yourself on your face, which is always exciting. I totally understand it when girls don’t wear makeup or think it’s pointless, and that’s cool, too. But, in case you are not one of those girls (or you are and would like to laugh at how the other half lives, by all means, I welcome you) this is what I wore this week (except for Monday because I was sick and Friday because it’s I Don’t Give a F$%# Friday and that’s my excuse not to wear warpaint.)


Some basic brown sparkly shadow with a darker brown in the crease and pinkishy lipstick. I love doing the contouring on the eyelids because I think it makes my eyes seem bigger and is an opportunity to go nuts with color. When I’m playing up one feature, like my lips, I tend to keep everything else neutral. I do know some people that can pull of color everywhere, but on my face I look like a prostitute clown if I do too much color (I think this may be a sign I haven’t got the hang of it yet…)

All of these looks were thanks to my favorite beauty products, which are as follows:

Maybeline FitMe Foundation which I mix with a Wet&Wild foundation because I’m cheap and they blend to make the perfect color

Rimmel Stay Matte powder because my face is so shiny

Physicians’ Formula Blush because the hearts are really cute and it makes my face look awake at 6 am

The E.L.F eyeshadow pallette because ALL THE COLORS

Covergirl Falsies mascara

Any kind of brown eyeliner I have lying around but also some colored ones that I didn’t wear this week

E.L.F lipstick/lip pallette (everything I have from E.L.F is really amazing quality and really cheap. Go forth and stock up.)

aaand Wet& Wild SuperSlicks gloss because it’s so moisturizing and smells awesome and isn’t disgustingly sticky


Heheh I matched my eyeshadow to my bird necklace so sneaky. (It’s really late for me right now) Here I tried yellow on my eyes and downplayed everything else. Turns out, me gusta yellow eyeshadow, and in this case, a lighter color for the outside of the eye looks kinda cool. And this was my HAI IT’S 6 AM I’M SO AWAKE face. Convincing?

These are all variations on the same theme, and usually the changes are in eyeshadow color. Here’s my process:

Slap on foundation

Swipe on powder and blush

Scribble on eyeliner

Smudge on eyeshadow

Brush on mascara

Swipe on lipstick

BAM. Out the door. It’s really nothing fancy.


I love the blue eyeshadow here. It was wicked metallic which you can’t see that well in the photo, but I think metallics are my new thing. Maybe.

What are some of your favorite makeup looks? Or do you prefer the au naturel (I don’t speak French, is that French?) approach? I’d love to hear all about it in the comments!

Have a great start to the week!!



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