STILL Winter Around Here


New England is such a tease. One day it’s deep winter, and the next it’s raining and smelling like spring. Not. Cool. Nevermind the poor trees being confused, what are *we* supposed to think?

Not being a snowboarder or skier, I like the snow until just about New Year’s, and then I either think it should melt or I should move somewhere warm. Here’s what it’s looking like around here lately:


I mean sure, it’s really pretty and all, but maybe later. I want to wear dresses without fleece-lined tights before May.


On the up-side, LESS THAN A MONTH until my service trip to Costa Rica!! SO thankful for the opportunity…and the 80 degree weather and tropical rainforests that I’ve wanted to see since I was four. Ahhh!!

Until later,


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