Music for Monday

Confession: I’m a Pandora junkie. I listen to it when I work, paint, laze around, cook, and just generally all the time. I have so many stations. Right now, I’m leaning toward that good old  alternative music because I guess everyone has to let their inner hipster out sometimes, right? Here’s my top ten favorite artists right now plus a song that will not leave my head.

1. Vampire Weekend

Vampire Weekend

Newly obsessed, and I never get obsessed with bands. Literally every song makes my soul dance with glee and if you like alternative, you won’t regret buying their albums. Every single one of them. Not that I did that…

2. Death Cab for Cutie


When I first heard the name, I have to admit, it didn’t sound like music I’d listen to, but I love their sound…they’ve been playing a ton on my Vampire Weekend Pandora station, and I totally love them.

3. The Postal Service


Nice mellow music, and a pretty similar sound to Death Cab for Cutie. Also similar-ish to Owl City, who I also love.

4: Jason Mraz


Calms me down and makes me love life. He is a beautiful man. We Sing, We Dance, We Steal Things was the first CD I ever got by him in the five dollar bin at Walmart and it was love at first sight.

5. Michael Buble


AHHHH. He has that old-timey jazzy smooth voice and I love him.

6. Ingrid Michaelson


Such good songs. ‘Everybody’ and ‘Far Away’ are a couple of my favorites.

7. Of Monsters and Men


Still LOVE them.

8. Coconut Records

coconut records

Enough said. A band called Coconut Records cannot disappoint.

9. The Paper Kites


Nice mellow music to fall asleep to and beautiful album art.

10. Discovery


Video game-y electric music. ‘Swing Tree’ is my favorite.

And bonus song that’s always in my head: ‘Say Something’ by A Great Big World feat. Christina Aguilera. So relateable, so catchy, amazing harmonies.


What artists/songs do you love to listen to? Sound off  in the comments, because I’m always looking for new music!

Have a great start to the week!

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