iPod Photography…it’s Love!

So…for Christmas I got an iPod touch and the first thing I did with it was take pictures of everything. It’s a camera that you can pull out anywhere! I no longer have to miss any photo ops EVER. It’s especially handy when my cats do adorable things and I can document it because it’s actually scientifically impossible to have too many cat pictures on one’s mobile device. It’s a law of life. So without further ado, a few of my favorite iPod photos. And by a few I mean like 50, but this is new to me so I’m allowed to be obsessive…right?




Right outside my window, edited with my favorite free app, Retrica!


Cannot even.


ALL the selfies.


Winter sunset out the car window (I wasn’t driving!)


I just thought my hair looked kind of cool in this one.


Again CAT and Retrica.


Fantastic fireworks camera. Happy New Year!



I love red lipstick.


My cat likes to kick me in the face. It’s probably not a healthy relationship.


Soooo edited with the Pixlr Express app.

Speaking of apps, that’s another post I have to do soon. I have so many apps and they were ALL free because I’m wicked cheap and majorly broke. When do you find your ipod/pad/small mobile picture taking box comes in most handy?

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