Summer flashback: BEACHNESS.


Yep. I know. It’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything, but in my defense, this last semester was a crazy one and I sort of let the blogosphere spin out of orbit. I’m back now though! And with a summer flashback to top it all off. Winter around here is getting pretty old, so I thought some reminiscing might help. These are all from a trip to Maine last year (so very long ago)…enjoy!

LOOK AT THIS SUNRISE. IT MADE ME A MORNING PERSON FOR A WHOLE DAY. Which is really impressive. And now I’m going to over share some pictures.


Admittedly blurry, but do you see how huge the sun looks??!


Phil and Martha.

DSCN9816DSCN9806 DSCN9805 DSCN9820 DSCN9807 DSCN9841

Turns out donuts only look better when backlit by a sunrise. I’ll never know what compelled me to take this, but I love it.

DSCN9862 DSCN9940

I hated sunglasses until I met these guys.


Big Bertha and I have been friends since I was five. No joke.


I spy a parachutist.

DSCN0001 - Copy (2)


DSCN9974 DSCN9975

I’ve never had better fries.



Fancy chocolates that I miss.


Alright, well that was my long ago beach vacation.  Have a great night!



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