Technicolor Veggies!


In honor of my 106th view (you guys are the coolest) I thought I’d share some pictures of some really cool veggies I grew in my garden this year. (Yes those are red carrots and blue potatoes you spy)

DSCN9576 DSCN9577

(I love everything in ball jars…and I think this could be my new thing.)

DSCN9579 DSCN9582 DSCN9584 DSCN9589

THEY ARE GORGEOUS. But don’t show your potatoes. I don’t want them to feel bad about themselves.


And here they are again, starring in a beans and potatoes and milk soup (YUMM).


Such an awesome color for a pepper.


Okay so I was going to post this anyways, views or not, but seriously, thank you.  Also, just a heads up, blog posts may be spotty for the next few days because I’M TAKING A VACATION TO A BEACH!!!! Ahem. But yes, have yourselves a wonderful weekend and thanks for reading 🙂



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