See? Even trees (with glasses!) need help choosing filters sometimes!
See? Even trees (with glasses!) need help choosing filters sometimes!

Hi again! This morning, I was editing some photos for my previous blog post about the Basin I visited yesterday, and I realized that I was adding the same filter to the photos, without even realizing it really, because I wanted them to “match”. I saw that the filter I used was giving them all a great mood, and I kept liking it best on each photo.

Thus, the idea for this very post you’re reading was born.

Sometimes, we want to group photos together in a “set”. Set’s are usually themed, right? So shouldn’t your photos all look nice together? With your incredible photo talents, each photo probably looks awesome on it’s own, but when you stick them next to each other? Maybe not so much. For me, this is usually because of differences in color/tone that don’t quite mesh.

This is where smart editing comes in. The simplest way to make your photos cohesive is by adding a filter, even just a subtle one. It creates a unified color scheme and mood.

Picking the right filter can be challenging, though, so I’m here to (try to) help!

These are the original basin photos I took:


They’re relatively good-looking together, but I wanted them to be more “one”, you know?
The first step in picking a good filter is to identify the mood you want your photo to emulate.


These colors are nice, and you can definitely see how the photos seem more like part of a set now, but it didn’t capture the mood of the day. The colors were too warm. It was misty and rainy that day, and definitely NOT warm,  so I knew I wanted something with more of a blue/gray/green color scheme. I finally settled on this filter, called Peter, which I love:



See the difference? It’s subtle, but the edited batch on top seems more “together” than the bottom photos. Do you like to edit your photos to make them seem cohesive, or do you prefer the au natural approach? Any other tricks?

Happy photographaphing (yes, it’s a word now),

Morgan 😀


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