The Basin


Yesterday my best friend and I were supposed to go to a waterpark. Then, on the drive down, it started pouring rain. Very cold rain. Niiiiiiiice.

We decided it really wasn’t worth it to be freezing all day, so we drove around a little bit and headed to The Basin. It’s beautiful in the rain. There was lots of barefoot trail walking and picture taking, let me tell ya.

The first photo I like to call “The Hobbit Trail” and is up on my Flickr stream. Which you should visit, and leave me a link to yours so I can return the favor! (:



The view over the bridge…awesome, yes?


To whoever did this…I love you.

And then we ate lunch at a gazebo (it was dry!) and met a couple from Seattle who had been biking for TWO MONTHS straight and were headed to Bar Harbor. So cool.


So we didn’t end up doing exactly what we planned to do, but sometimes those are the best times for adventures!

Happy weekend, and I hope you have some adventures yourself!

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