Want it Wednesday: Book Nerds Unite

So it’s technically Thursday because I am a party animal, BUT since I missed last weeks WIW, I felt very compelled to deliver this week. This will be centered around a few of my favorite books and also my strong love for maps (like a hobbit! Except for I’m 5’11” so I don’t really count…) And Etsy. Aaaalways Etsy.


This necklace is so charming! I have loved pooh Bear ever since I was about 2 and shall never stop.


OH MY LORD THIS SKIRT.  It’s a map, on a skirt, of ALAGAESIA. Does no one else love Eragon? I don’t care. I want this. 


If I had an iPhone, this is what it would be wearing. 


Another skirt, but this time it’s…HOBBIT THEMED! YAYYY!

Thanks for letting me release my inner (but fashion conscious because map skirts are IN right now, just FYI) nerd. See you next Wednesday!

Second breakfasts and dragons,







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