Pixlr How To: Crazy Colors

For my first pixlr tutorial, we’re gonna keep it reeeaaaallll simple. I took this photo a couple years ago:


Don’t get me wrong, I heart purple irises and this photo on it’s own has a great color story…Buuuuuutttt I wanted to shake it up a little, and give it a little, how do you say, PIZAZZLE.

Chanel your inner Warhol with this simple tutorial.

Step uno- Go to Pixlr (I love Pixlr express for this one) And open your photo.

Next, go to the adjustments box on the bottom left and select “Colors” in the pop up menu.

Lastly, and probably the most challenging step (really hard, prepare yourself for a minute), use your mouse to mess around with the “Hue” bar. You’ll find tons of new color combos in your photos and you might just find something you love.

Here are a couple variations I liked.


(It’s GREEN!! You don’t see that in nature! Photo editing is magical!!)


And my favorite:


Here’s another quick comparison:






And my favorite, which you can view on my Flickr Stream here.


Okay and since I can’t control myself and can’t stop thinking about how cute this stuff would be in a kid’s room..here’s two more that will definitely be going on my Flickr stream soon.

edit7317552752_69e0297ffe_h edit5788048901_a54fcf8676_b

Isn’t this cute?!

Now I want to recolor all of my photos. I’d better padlock my computer before I go crazy…

Have a lovely day/night/evening/life in general,

Morgan 😀


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