Kale Chips


Kale. Apparently it’s a super-food or something. Personally, I don’t like it unless it’s in soups, even if it is packed full with 4000% of the vitamin C I need for my whole entire life. These chips have changed me.

You’ll need three simple ingredients:
Kale (woah, really?)
Olive oil (PS, Pam or any cooking spray is a cheaper and just as tasty alternative)

Salt (sea or table, we don’t judge here)


First, put some kale on a greased cookie sheet (you can definitely use more than this, but this was my first batch so I only used a few leaves).


Get those leaves all oiled up and sprankle that salt on there. (I bet it would be good with chili/cumin too, but I haven’t gotten that far yet)


Then, bake at 300 for about 20 minutes and your chips should be all done! They were thinner than I was expecting, but still very tasty. I’ve heard they’re really great crushed and sprinkled over popcorn, so I’ll have to try that on my next Johnny Depp Movie Marathon Night. I mean…no, actually, I’m cool confessing to those.

And don’t feel bad if you burn them. This is what my first batch looked like…RIP little kale…


I hope you like them! Now it’s off to bed because I’m working 9-5 tomorrow…like that Dolly Parton song that everyone except for me has heard.

Kale chips and alarm clocks,





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