Self Portraits


So I know what you’re thinking: “This chick is doing a whole blog post about pictures she took of herself. Niiiiiice.”
HOWEVER, this is not me being vain and self centered, it is actually me shouting the benefits of self-portraits from the rooftops.

Self portraits are a great way to learn new tricks both in photography and photo-editing, and the best part is that your model is always with you! I don’t have a lot of models at my disposal, so when I want to take people pictures, I kind of have to be the subject.

Sometimes I do feel silly or vain, but it’s awesome when a shot turns out well, especially if it taught me something in the process. Here are a few I’ve taken in the past couple days, and what I learned.

The one above is just me falling obsessively in love with the hand coloring effect. You’re gonna be seeing a loooooootttt of that one, just a heads up.


A little blur does not a crappy photo make. Also, standard B&W is overrated.


If you’re getting up close and personal, add a focal blur to create depth.


Hey overlays aren’t really that bad after all.  My choice of them might be, but hey, its a process.


Seriously guys. Focal blur will make all of your photos look awesome. Except for you can soooo tell I took this in my bathroom. Hashtag selfie fail.


Light and shadows man, light and shadows. (I’m so deep I can’t even see you guys anymore)

Anyway, so the lesson we take away is: Selfies are not bad. They help you learn and grow as a photographer, plus you’re model always does exactly what you want them to. Bonus!

Later I’ll be posting some before/after editing pictures plus some quick pixlr tutorials (favorite. editor. EVER.).

Until then 🙂

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