This is a Tangential Rant

You have been warned.  There won’t even be that many pictures. 

So, recently I’ve been a little obsessed with online window shopping because my style is changing. I’ve found that I’m drawn to a lot of vintage, retro, or “indie” kind of clothing, quirky prints, awesome florals, all that jazz. I like me some self expression (who doesn’t) (I’m restraining some terrible jokes right now) and fashion and photography are my favorite outlets.


Anyway, lately I’ve been finding all these sites with AWESOME selections. I LOVE so much of their clothing, but then I go to their size charts and, well…let’s just say it fuels my hate-fire. I’m a size 16, a whopping ONE SIZE over the national average, and many of these places don’t go to even a 14. And if they do happen to carry a 16 or (WOAH GUYS) even an 18, it’s labeled around  2XL or higher. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to bash these sites, but I think it’s really disappointing that, as we’re trying to fight the unhealthy ‘skinny ideal’, these kinds of sites still label the average size and above as plus sizes, or worse, don’t cater to them at all. I can’t remember which site it was, (even if I could, I’d leave it anonymous because the point of this post isn’t  to bash any specific company) but one site’s XL was an 8. AN EIGHT. AN EIIIIIIGHHHHTTTT. ARE YOU KIDDING ME. I would be anorexic if I was an eight, and apparently, I’d still be huge. Cool, thanks media. 

Sadly, it’s not a joke. That tells me that we’re still telling women who are a SIZE EIGHT that they are “extra large”. It’s awful. It’s things like these that spurn eating disorders and low self-esteem, especially in young girls, and it makes me really, really sad. Because lets face it, society says we’re supposed to be skinny (but not TOO skinny, then you’ll just be a twig, hey have you thought about breast implants?). Skinny with boobs and a great butt and no unwanted body hair and also hey could you walk around in heels all day and toss your (preferably blonde) hair around? How about NO.

I’ve always been REALLY passionate about the media’s influence on body image and self worth because being overweight as a kid, I struggled with ‘wanting to look like the magazines’ a lot. I know that the models are often unhealthily skinny and that even when they’re told to lose 10 pounds, Photoshop takes another 20 off, but it’s still hard to look around and see that THAT is still the ideal everywhere. It’s freaking impossible for like 90% of people to look like that, and yet, we’re still expected to. 

Lately I’ve seen a lot of improvement, too, which is awesome. I love that we’re taking steps to stop this insanity and make normal women start to feel comfortable and beautiful at a size that’s larger than -4. I love that more plus size models are appearing in magazines (I don’t love that they’re still ‘plus sized’, it’s more like average sized, but still) and I love that I see way more normal women on TV than I used to. It’s all a great step, but we have a ways to go before people from size 0 to 22 can feel comfortable in their skin. 

So I guess what I’m saying here is probably bigger than “I just wish some of these companies would hurry up and get with the program”, but I just wish some of these companies would hurry up and get with the program. 

Until then, I’m probably just going to Narnia. 

And THIS is what I say to the haters: 


Suck on that. 




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