Want It Wednesday

Today marks the beginning of a weekly installment I like to call *trumpet fanfare please* “Want it Wednesday”, where I share some things I absolutely love right now (and hope you do too!) Here it goes.


This dress. Is gorgeous. The silhouette,  the color, the waistline, everything. GAHHH.


LOVE the scoopneck and the adorable pattern! Usually I’m drawn to brighter colors (see dress above) but I love this dusty rose color, too.


Ummmm Lewis Carroll characters on tights? When would I say no to an opportunity to showcase fashion sense and book worminess at the same time? NEVER THAT’S WHEN.


Liiiittle bit obsessed with magical books about other worlds and mermaids and dragons and stuff right now. Plus this one has a bunch of steamy romance (ooh la la).


So springy and colorful! Also so expensive, but oh well. I still love it.


Vintage+owls=best necklace ever.


The neckline on this dress is wonderful PLUS look at the desserts on that skirt. All that for zero calories. (Ughhh late night internet humor…Dobby must shut his ears in the oven door for that one…)




Travel AND journaling! WHEEEEE!


Lordy lord this band is so wonderful. Just go buy their CD and you won’t regret it ever. GO.

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