So lately I’ve been thinking that I need to be doing something more than what I’m doing now (literally work and the internet. It’s pretty pathetic.) I’ve been feeling rather blah, and nobody likes to feel blah. Today I went to a lake with one of my best friends and it felt so good to just shake up the normal routine and get outside (what? There’s something beyond Subway and the internet?). I’m usually pretty good about realizing when I’m not satisfied with the balance of things in my life (all work and no play makes Morgan a sad girl), but not so good on acting to fix that.

Lately, I’m trying to work on it, and I don’t think it was a coincidence that I stumbled across two blog posts talking about how rewarding some exercise out in in good ole’ nature could be. I’ve already figured out I need to be getting outside more, so these posts just pushed me to act on it.

The first is from an absolutely hilarious comic Matthew Inman,  owner and Supreme Lord over at The Oatmeal, a site filled with endless internet comics to fill your soul with bacon and pterodactyls. It’s a comic about his experience long distance running and is appropriately titled The Terrible and Wonderful Reasons Why I Run Long Distances.



I have a friend who runs and I just can’t understand how she loves it so much. I totally admire her (and occasionally envy her)  for her physical and mental strength and determination, but I’ve always absolutely hated running.  This comic talks about one of his most rewarding runs, which, to me, sounds like an oxymoron. Like, sure, once I’m finished my pathetic 1/2 mile jog I might feel pretty good about myself (until I remember my friend goes on 10 mile runs. Sadface.), but usually I just want to throw up and put out the HELLFIRE BURNING IN MY LUNGS. But yeah, totally inspiring.  Maybe I can work around that.

The second post comes from such an inspiring and informative blog, Wandering Earl. It’s run by a guy named–you guessed it–Earl (whose name is actually Derek, but his friends call him Earl. We’re his friends–this is the internet guys.). He’s basically amazing and I want to be his best friend.


He’s a self proclaimed nomad who’s been to over 100 countries since he began travelling in 1999. His goal is to prove that a life of constant travel is NOT crazy and is in fact possible (without thousands of dollars). I love it. This post is about a recent hike he took in the mountains of Romania. He also describes a very difficult hike that ended up being very rewarding.  His blog is always inspiring, but this post really motivated me. You can check it out here. It’s called “Life, Hiking, Apple Pie, & the Mountains of Romania and is a very worthwhile read.


Sadly, I just had my wisdom teeth pulled (UGH) and can’t run yet. I hope I still feel this motivated once I don’t have four holes in my head, because not only would running be good for that good ole mental health, it would be good for my physical health too. I think the reason I quit my running stints in the past is because I was only doing it to lose weight and I considered it a workout. The word itself makes me cringe and want to eat a whole entire Big Mac just so I can wallow in self-hatred, so it clearly didn’t go very far in the motivation department. But this time I don’t want to put that kind of pressure on myself. I don’t want to be running to get ‘thin’ or whatever, (which takes WEEKS to even see results WHYYYY), I want to be doing it more for the mental benefits and the endorphins (which happen immediately YAYYY).

Until then, though, I can get outside more, so here’s to nature!! Huzzah!




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